Reasons You Hated Being A Jehovah's Witness

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  • minimus

    My biggest reason: the religion is stupid. Plain and simple.

  • ninja

    it was either them or the sheep.....and the sheep was just so nice in suspenders

  • Dismembered

    It's spearheaded by knuckleheads


  • Finally-Free

    I hated going to the meetings, looking around at the people in the hall, and wondering if I was just as moronic as the rest of them.


  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Being a JW affects some of the biggest decisions people make - sometimes in a negative way.

    For me and my wife - we decided not to have kids because Armageddon was "around the corner".

    Now I feel it is to late.

    This makes me hate the whole JW thing because it cannot be changed.

  • snowbird

    Jesus was always pushed aside or treated as an afterthought.


  • minimus


  • LouBelle

    Now when I look back - the opportunities I let slip by. I was quite a good hockey player, swimmer and tennis player but because of my beliefs I wasn't allowed to partake in galas, after school activities - who knows where that could have led.

    When I graduated from high school, all my teachers recommended I go onto university, potential employers (when I went for interviews) suggested I studied further because I had pretty good marks. My worldly aunt was prepared to pay for my tertiary education. But alas the society keep going on about how it wasn't beneficial and that Armegeddon was so close....

  • dinah

    If I listed everything I hated about being a Witness, this would be a book instead of a post. So here's the top five:

    • Constantly having to attend meetings which bored me to tears. Preparing and giving those stupid "sister" talks.
    • Field service because I would call on someone I went to school with and wanna crawl under the nearest rock.
    • It makes you an outcast in school because you can't do anything. No holiday pictures to color, can't sing any Christmas carols. No valentines to exchange with friends.
    • No extra-curricular activities because you have to hang around with those evil worldly people
    • Being forced to view most humans as "worldly" and thus avoid them even when they are nicer than some of the folks in your congregation.
  • minimus

    They love to keep people dumbed down. They KNOW that the more you know the greater liklelihood you'll be a goner!

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