The next president of the USA John McCain...

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  • kerj2leev

    I couldn't believe when I heard Hillary state, that even if she lost the popular vote and had less delegates, she would turn to the Super-delegates to try to win! Isn't that what the Dem's were upset about in 2000? Gore actually won the popular vote, but lost the election. Talk about not backing out gracefully!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Hillary and Obama will run together on this ticket - they want to take the Whitehouse bad enough.

    I agree with Obama being fluff, that's for sure.

    McCain is just another four years of war-administration. I would like to vote conservative - but there is no conservative running this year.


  • oompa

    I heard a black commentator say something funny and profound the other night...."White men have a perfect record in this race so far...they are undefeated at becoming president." Except for being old, and not fresh politically, McCain sure is a moderate that has had lots of Democratic support in years past. Who else is there for Replicans to vote for? This could spell WIN for McCain..........oompa

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