Stephen Hawking

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  • MissingLink

    He's OK, but a bit over-rated. Nobody would criticize a man in his state. He's a bit heavy on theories and light on proofs. But having scientist rockstars insn't necessarily a bad thing. He puts some good topics in front of people who wouldn't see them otherwise.

  • Crumpet

    you mean he's not just the dude from the radiohead - fitter, happier track? the one who went onto do the intros to the Masters of Science Fiction series and churned out a couple of impressive coffee table staples for those who never read...

    (look out for our very own dawg appearing in this southparkesque version)

  • fifi40

    ALS is the same as Lou Gherig's disease and is the same as Motor Neurone Disease. It is the same disease my own father died of. It has no known cure and no known cause. Stephen Hawkins is one of the longest surviving victims of it.

  • hmike

    Stephen Hawking may be one of the greatest scientific minds of all time. The producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation thought enough of him to have Data create a holodeck program where he could play poker with Einstein, Newton, and Hawking.

    Discovery Channel, PBS, and other educational networks present shows about him on occasion. One I saw recently showed that in a poll among his contemporaries as to who the greatest physicists of the last century were, Hawking finished about 20th on the list. Apparently, his contributions to the field are not seen as that significant by his colleagues.

    Hawking has had ALS for something like 45 years. Amazing, considering he had been given two years to live when he was diagnosed. He has been near death on at least a couple of occasions. Even though he has the benefit of the best care available, I wonder if his survival has something to do with his intellect.

    Last year, he got the chance to experience weightlessness in space, and is scheduled to go up again next year.

    What we don't hear much about is the soap-opera-type personal life he has had—his marriage to a Christian in his youth, the stress she experienced caring for him, her involvement with another man (apparently sanctioned by Hawking), her charges that he was a tyrant and manipulator, the divorce, his marriage to his nurse, charges of neglect and abuse, on and on.

    Unable to write, he has had to do all calculations in his head. His electronic speech is very slow and tedious. He has others to help him with his work, as he is totally dependent. What would his life have been like if he had been healthy?

  • Maddie

    A truly amazing man. It is very rare for people with his disease to survive, let alone achieve what he has done. I admire him greatly.


  • quietlyleaving

    oops sorry I meant to say he has motor neurone disease.

  • ninja

    hawky is my favourite disabled person.....

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