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    1993 Jehovah's Witnesses Proclaimers Of God's Kingdom--PDF! B=Bookmarked S=Searchable R=Reduced from 386-MB to 136-MB 750-pages (Credit goes to David Reed) http://www.cftf.com/booklets/proclaimers/index.html

    ‘Proclaimers’ Answered Page by Page

    David A. Reed


    RELEASED at 1993’s summer Divine Teaching District Convention, the book Jehovah’s Witnesses-Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom is a new history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It replaces the 1959 history Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose. A large volume of 750 colorfully illustrated pages, comparable only to the JW Bible dictionary Insight on the Scriptures in complexity and size, the new book is obviously the result of a major writing project. At JW conventions in the United Sates, where the book was first released, it was made where the book was first released, it was made available only to district and circuit overseers, elders, pioneers, and Witnesses baptized for 30 years or more (20 years at some convention sites). With a first printing of only 500,000 copies, there would be enough for fewer than 1 in every 20 of the 11.5 million people attending JW meetings worldwide to receive a copy, so the Watchtower Society restricted the initial distribution to Witnesses with status or seniority. A larger printing was done later in 1993, resulting in more general availability. Major points of interest include:

    • Sugar-coated versions of embarrassing moments in JW history, designed to inoculate members against outside exposes.
    • Revisions contradicting historical accounts printed earlier.
    • Coverage of the sect’s post-1975 history not published until now.
    • Extensive photographic coverage of the Watchtower’s past and present leadership (a departure from recent custom)-including individual color portraits of the 12 Governing Body members as of January 1992 (on page 116).
    • Extensive photographic documentation of the sect’s major real estate holdings around the world (a 50-page section, pp. 352-401, is devoted exclusively to full-color real estate photos!)-clearly adding up to billions of dollars in value.
    What does the front cover of this book look like? Click here: http://www.imagger.com/view/142358_scan-10001.jpg.html Download instructions: Click the download link by the red arrow at the bottom of the next page. http://www.sendspace.com/file/lnufh0 Tweety picture no.0032 Cheers! Atlantis!-
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    Thank you Atlantis !

    Just finished downloading it and it is easier to navigate than the real thing

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    Thank you AO! Appreciate the kind words!

    Cheers! Atlantis!-

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    This is fantastic and well worth the download! Thanks, Atlantis!

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    Hi Atlantis!

    Does the file include pictures? I'm looking for a specific picture in that book. Thanks for posting this!


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    Thank you cabasilas! Awaiting your next one!

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    Hi coffee_black! Yes, there are so many pictures in this file that at least 1/2 of the book contains pictures. The book was scanned in full every page and every picture!

    Thank you my friend!

    Cheers! Atlantis!-

  • Sunspot

    Thank you so much for this! I had sent mine to the town dump when I realized the WTS was a farce and the GB were frauds. At the time, I never thought I would ever need the WTS "pure garbage" for valid reference and proof.

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    You are very welcome Sunspot! Any time you need materials that we have, you just say the word!

    We love ya!

    Cheers! Atlantis!- & N.

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    Thank you so much!

    My study conductor brought the Proclaimers book for me to look at. It will be helpful to look it over and the David Reed answers so I can research it all.

    I plan on having a lot of questions about this in future studies.

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