If the end does not come in 10 years then...........

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  • dinah

    Umm, I'll be turning 50 instead of 40. That's about all the change I see.

  • uninformed


    Your opening post is so right.


  • stillajwexelder

    armageddon will still be just around the corner

  • Honesty

    Yep, we swallowed it all and didn't even blink once.


    You make a cardinal error if you think that true christians are not to be deeply involved in thinking about the end of the world !

    It is the Bible itself that speaks about the end of the world coming. The true religion was Jewish religion and Jews gave us God's Word . And that Word speaks a lot about the end of the world like no other sacred book !

    So by this feature alone the Bible is distinctive book and the true christianity based on the Bible must be distinctive from all other religions.

    The fact we as true servants of God Yahweh are waging fight with our sinful nature is already the end of the world taking place in our lives.

    Look at fans who are ready to stand in line for hours and pay enormous amount of money to see the sport in action - how many details they learn about the sport events or players and now compare yourself to them what a person you should be if think you like God and want to get into the Paradise ? Would you not be interested in things related to when that day may come ? And the Bible has a lot of things to say about that.

    I began preaching the end some 34-35 years ago and I was in that mood of predicting the end for quite a good time. Whenever I stopped thinking about the end I made horrible errors in my life .See my posts on usenet how many posts I have made with calculations that concern a lot the end of the world predictions.It is right now my favorite activity .

    What would have happened had I joined the ranks of people who are fans of worldly music , movies or sports to live a normal life ?!


    So , how many dates for the end of the world the Bible Students made ? If you know my posts I have made numerous predictions of the end and these are I consider to have been very strong as they were built on the understanding of the Bible:

    The first could have been a period : 1973 AD - 1977 AD back then when I was in catholic religion.

    Then 1991 AD, 1994 AD, 1999 AD,2000 AD,2001 AD,2004 AD,2005 AD and now the year 2011 AD is coming and I can add 2012 AD and then 2017 AD-2018 AD, 2033 AD - 2036 AD with the year 2034 AD as the best in the period.

    Count them and compare with the predictions made by the Watchtower.

    Note here that I am asking you to list all the prediction dates made by the Watchtower or those who claimed to be servants as a part of that class of 144000 menservants.

  • megaflower

    I think this last poster has had one too many-hic not making any sense.

  • oompa

    New thought this morning....It will not come in 10 years........because.....new light will be that THE END HAS ALREADY COME....WE JUST MISSED IT.....just like we missed Jesus coming in 1914! .................................................oompa

  • JH

    For whoever enters the new system one day, say thankyou to God, but remind him that he was late....

  • Blueblades

    The end will come when a nuclear weapon is detonated. Otherwise, life goes on with one generation following another.


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