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    Hi everyone, stumbled across this forum by chance when looking for more info on Fred Titanich. I am an ex JW, I am 30, and grew up in the 'Truth'. I am a 5th generation witness, my dad was an elder, my mum a regular pioneer. I was baptised at age 10, and have also been a regular pioneer. However after being sexually molested by a ministerial servant, and then getting reproved because of it at age 13, I started having my doubts. I stayed in the organisation until about 5 years ago, when we had exhausted all the contacts, all the people within the organisation and had finally heard from a Bethel representative himself, in person, that they were sorry about what happened to me, but refused to admit a mistake had been made, or that anything would be done about the elders on my judicial committee, two of which are still serving as elders, and the third is a special pioneer. That was it for me.That and the fact that my ex-husband (Who is still also a witness) was found to be into child pornography, but the elders in his congregation were great friends with his parents, so I was told not to be stupid, and it was all in my head....... And after finally, slowy opening my mind to the fact that maybe it wasn't the truth, maybe the are not the only true religion, I noticed all the mistakes they make in their teachings, the contraditions. Unfortunately my family is all still in it, still 'steadfast, unmovable' and I doubt I will ever be able to get through to them. On the bright side, I am not disfellowshipped, merely 'inactive' so we still talk. Where do I go from here? Is anyone else at that point? And how did you feel when you realised that you werent in God's one true organisation? I will admit it has hit me pretty hard after having spent my whole life being taught it was. Up until recently I still felt that it was Satan putting bad thoughts in my head to beleive anything otherwise. Sigh.

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    Welcome to JWD RealityBites.

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    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your wrenching story.

    I was DF'd, so that's what it took for me to find out the JW's were a sort of good-old-boys' club. Even though I made it up the ranks to ministerial servant, I never really felt like I was in the right clique. So it cost me when I was falsely accused, and found myself outside.

    I had to adjust, do much research to figure out that the JW's are led by a bunch of guys just making things up as they went along, with the survival of the organization being goal #1.

    Have you viewed www.freeminds.org or read Crisis of Conscience? These are the tools that mentally unchained me from having any guilt about being an outsider to the JW's. In fact, they made me GLAD to be an outsider. The more you read, the easier it will be to quiet down that voice that says "JW's might be right".

    Best wishes on your journey, and please hang out here as long as you need. There's a lot of intelligent and fun folk on this board.

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    welcome to the board. This is a good place to get your balance and find direction.

    And how did you feel when you realised that you werent in God's one true organisation ?

    The Truth will set you free.

    You no longer have to call yourself a "slave". Jesus teaches freedom; WTS teaches slavery. That's one GIANT contradiction right there.

    Hopefully, you will feel that a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders and that you are now allowed to think for yourself.

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    Welcome RealityBites

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    Welcome to JWD.

    Please read up on the work Barbara Anderson has been doing on the pedofile problem in the Watchtower Society. Here's a post she had just a few days ago -


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    How did I feel when I realized the WTBTS doesn't have the "truth?" Tremendously relieved and relaxed. Turned my back on it and kept walking away. My family were all still in, but now are all out. There's hope.

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    Hooray Hooray we are out of one circle and into another, wats our thoughts on the pursuit of $ , should this be our new #1 to burn our time while living, no more big J, no consequences just man made ones/ i hope i anger the wrath of someone , im in a debating mood

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