Self Proclaimed Doctors within the Dubs

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  • VM44

    This sort of thing has been going on among the JWs since at least the 1920's, when some Bible Student "Doctors" opened "Truth Clinics" where they treated the gullible using the Abram's Oscilloclast machine. This machine both diagnosed and treated illness and disease by both detecting and cancelling out the disease "vibrations"!

    Pure quackery! But it did have a following then by those who read both The Golden Age and The Watchtower.


  • Quandry


    I am soooo glad I was not taking a drink at the time I read your post!!!!! I needed a good laugh like that!!! (Although the mental picture is a bit ewwwww)

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    OMG, great post!

    This just reminded me...when I was back in the religeon, I was taking spanish lessons from a brother who had served many years special pioneering in different spanish speaking destinations. He claimed to be a self-taught doctor as well!! He said he had gotten his training from a brother in some other country (one of the destinations he had pioneered in), and this brother taught him everything he knew - therefore, he was a Dr. He even said I could call him Dr. Lee. What a friggin joke!! He said it was a secret, and he didn't want very many people to know b/c he didn't want to detract from his pioneer work, etc. Basically, he didn't want to be found out and called a liar! He was a regular pioneer, an elder, and an ex-bethelite. He eventually had his privledges taken away and was demoted as an elder b/c of some other trouble he had gotten himself into. Things like being engaged to someone but not telling anyone and pursuing other sisters and taking advantage of his rank.

    I could go on and on about him but anyways, isn't that funny about him calling himself a doctor. Sick.


  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Hey mind my own, just remember that the WT one time leader was a self proclaimed "Judge".

    My mom got hooked up with one of these jw quack doctors. Several of the "sisters" highly recommended him. He damn near killed my mom.

    Very short version, she asked about her thyroid. Quack says "all is well". REAL Dr. says, "Not so!" She gets treated and recovers and she quit seeing this idiot. Now if she could only see the rest of the quackery for what it is.

    I just wonder how many people this guy actually killed!

  • coffee_black

    When I lived in Orlando, there was a circuit overseer who was into herbal medicine....and was recommending treatments to dubs. Later he left the circuit work and set up an office and was giving physical exams to gullible sisters and prescribing herbs and other treatments. He was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. It was on the local news....


  • ShirleyW

    Hey guys

    Good to read all of your responses, almost like the "Amway" and whatever new detergent scam that the Jdubs fall for, but for all of you in the Southern Region and for those in the Tri-State region of NYC as we call it up here, would really like to know if dear Dr. Gladstone is still spreading is self learned BS amongst the Borg and the ever popular Dr. Maria in Bronx are still in the biz, sure would like to hear some "encouraging words" about them, like "there asses were caught by the authorities years ago and there incarcerated for impersonated a Doctor ! !

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