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  • Budda

    I want to tell you about my friend who is a JW. My first impression of her was a gorgeous, nice, and intelligent woman. After a few weeks I could tell we were both attracted to each other and even one of my friends was hinting we should get together. I just could not ask her out because of her beliefs, and felt bad about it. I never told her this though since she never brought up her religion but I know her brother and family are JW’s. Her parents have a congregation and I believe they are deeply devout. I have a friend whose parents were Christian fundamentalist and he told me about the hell he went through when he left his church and was disowned by his family. I am not very religious and have a more Buddhist Unitarian view on religion. I do not understand why anyone would want to live in a so called paradise if it is created by such a violent act. I think god created sickness so we would care for each other. I also don’t believe in there prophesies, and rewriting of the bible the JW’s do. I believe more in creating inner piece through meditation pray or whatever you want your spiritual path to be in this life time. Now about a year later when I see her she seems to completely avoid me like iam the plague. Do you think a relationship with me and her would have ever worked ? I still feel bad about what happened and feel as though she is trapped in a brainwashing cult. I wonder how much of her life she truly enjoys. Do you have any ideas on how I could tell her how I feel or how I could help her out?

  • worldtraveller

    Welcome here. You need to do a lot of research before you dare to intervene. Most here will tell you that you will be wasting your time. You need to understand about cultism, and the shunning, the lies, the false worship of their altered bible and so on. Start asking questions here and you will find the ammo to help -if you dare.

    All the best.

  • sass_my_frass

    Sweet of you to care; but every JW has to make their own way out. Any external prodding actually drives them deeper in.

  • sweetface2233

    A YEAR later and you're still wondering if a relationship w/ her would have worked? Honey, you have bigger problems than worrying about her beliefs. Why don't you focus on yourself and move on from this? If and when she wants to question her religion, she will. But, it is up to her and she would do it on her own in her own time.

  • JK666


    Welcome to JWD!

    If I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times. JW girl is bored, starts dating a non-JW, gets married, feels guilty, goes back to the religion, and the new husband is screwed (and not in a good way). I would stay away from this one if I were you!


  • Shadow1

    This was the EXACT same thing that happened to me JK666. Pretty much feel screwed now.


  • Budda

    The more I learn about this "religion" the less I like it! this is such an orweallian organization . When my friend told me she never went to college because a job at the libray is like having a masters degree. She lied the real reason is the Big A. It is to bad that such a twisted organization could have such control over people.I kind of forgot about her and since having a medical condition now I have been going to the libray more often. I have always been interest in philosphy and wonder if they have every read about the Enlightment. Question what your are told to believe

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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