have you ever been to a psychic?

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  • still_in74

    just curious.....

    have you as a JW / Ex JW ever been to a psychic or spirit medium, or even played with a Ouiji board?

    What was your experience ??

  • parakeet

    Went to a tarot card reader in New Orleans many years ago. She was totally wrong about everything I asked her. But it was fun talking to her, what with the whole gypsy outfit and all. Good entertainment.

  • metatron

    I attended a class on Remote Viewing conducted by Russell Targ. His stories were astonishing. There were also some remarkable

    experiences in the class. Many people do not know or believe that the US government was deeply involved in psychic development

    in decades past.


  • Mulan

    I went to a Tarot card reader in the summer of 2006, just for fun, with two of my friends. She was uncanny. She was at a restaurant, and you go sit with her and she reads your cards. She told me we own our own business and support several families. She had never laid eyes on me before. She also said we would really be making some serious money in the next two years. She was right. She also said I shouldn't use milk products, especially ice cream. I've been allergic to milk my whole life, but still eat ice cream. It makes me congested and I cough from it.

    I was the only one she asked about a husband. The other two are a divorcee and a widow. Both wear wedding rings. She told one friend she was going to have a health issue in the new year, and that it wasn't serious, but her recovery would be long. In January 2007, she fell and broke several bones in her left hand. She still has therapy for that.

    Then I talked to a psychic on the telephone, through an interpreter (Spanish) because she was interested in my products. She told me amazing things, that I hadn't thought about in a long time, like being lost when I was 5, and crying in the rain, and that it was a significant event in my life, so I try to make sure everyone is taken care of and not left out. That really is me too. She saw it just by talking to me on the phone, and she didn't know English. She was in The Canary Islands. I was freaked out about that one. She told me a lot about losing my faith, and how it almost destroyed me, but how I am better now and can move on. At first she said I was very spiritual, and then corrected herself and said I had lost that part of my life, and it had meant everything to me.

    How do they do it?

  • VoidEater

    Yes. I was told my life purpose was to "just see what things were like" here on Planet Earth at this time and place.

    Can I go back now, please?

  • still_in74
    Many people do not know or believe that the US government was deeply involved in psychic development

    in decades past.

    I have heard about that before, back in the early 80's so much spending on experimental military projects that got kaibashed when the cold war ended.

  • feenx

    I have not been to a psychic, though I've definitely thought about it. However I've been anxious to do so because my grandfather was into ritual abuse, and I've always had the sense that through that and my experiences with him I've been exposed to say...an evil side of things. And so I've always been afraid to experiment and possibly open that door....any thoughts on that aspect of things??

    I haven't heard about the government aspect before. Does anyone have info on that?

  • Hermano

    Never been to one, but I am very curious. Of course, I am concerned about going to someone who is authentic. Also, I'd like to hear feedback from aetheists who have gone to a psychic. Just because maybe it matters if you beleive the crap or not.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I went to a palm and tarot card reader. Everything was very vauge, some was right, some was not. I was at a crossroads in my life and when she read the cards it said to continue on the path I was on. I'm wondering "uh what path - that's why I'm here, to get some guidance on what path to take". I learned for my $45 that only I hold my future in my hands.


  • metatron

    There is a virtual shelf full of books written by US government remote viewer psychics - such as Joe McMoneagle, Lynn Buchanan,

    Russell Targ, David Morehouse and many others. I believe McMoneagle performed remote viewing on live TV with stunning results.

    Targ's daughter was ordered out of a Las Vegas casino after remote viewing roulette ( and winning suspiciously).

    I also was in a class led by Sonia Choquette - who singled me out in the back of a large class and told everyone I had a spiritual problem

    that I needed to tell everyone. ( I was keeping completely silent and unobtrusive). I told her that I didn't forgive my previous religion or

    leaders thereof ( guess who?). She then instructed everyone about forgiveness.

    When this stuff happens nobody will believe you!


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