JWs who date or marry non-JWs are taught how to avoid reality

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  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    I met my husband at age 19 - I was still living at home and attending some meetings under duress from my parents. I was definitly on the way out, but not consiously fading.

    I met "him" at work and we got on quite well. We started hanging out together after work and eventually it was inevitable - I was talking about him constantly at home and my mum knew something was up between us. I became more and more determined to see him, despite the non approval of my family.

    I didn't hide the fact that I was a JW from "him" but I don't know if he really knew what he was getting himself into when he and I started dating.

    As he and I became more serious, my JW family and friends tried their hardest to convert him - in him to meeting and sending "just the right brother" (someone he might relate to I guess?) to talk to him and offer him a study. He even came with me to a Sunday meeting once - but he wasn't in the least bit interested and wasn't going to be converted - not even for me lol!

    I was steadily getting more and more frustrated by the goings on at home, the pressure that my family and the elders were putting on me and eventually I just moved out. I answered an ad on the bulletin board at work for a someone looking for a flat mate, and two days later, moved. And never looked back. My mom blamed "him", cried, screamed - my dad threatened to get the police even but I think he knew that I wasn emancipated minor and that wouldn't work. I visited them a week or two later and it was strained, but I think they realised that if they wanted to still see me - they would have to accept my decision.

    Well that's my story... I don't know if it has any relevance here but it is always good to share!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Your story is a perfect example of the lengths JWs will go to recruit someone who is dating the JW. No effort is too big or small. They have an agenda and it is well practiced.

    Before I married the first time a young man came to our bookstudy with the intent of getting his brother away from the JWs. He was adamantly determined to get his brother out and thought the only way to do that would be to find out what he was learning.

    By his words he told me that he developed quite a crush on me. I wasn`t interested in him at all. But my mother had been introducing me to baptized brothers with the sole purpose of getting me married. And she saw her opportunity in this young man. Like your family, my mother arranged for a young brother to study with him. At the time the WTS was heavily into the 6 month study and dunk or drop them. She pushed the timing and had him baptized within those 6 months and got me married off to him 1 week later. (She did the proposing too)

    But the efforts she put into getting him baptized was phenomenal.

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