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    It's future fiction with some elements of science fiction to it (VERY few elements). The setting is post World War III America, where the U.S. was conquered by China and then freed into a patchwork of anarchist and feudal systems when China's economy collapsed. I'm writing in first-person from my perspective as an 67-year-old man in 2049. I live with my daughter and grandson. My wife and son-in-law were killed in the war. My daughter runs a small subsistence farm and my job is to use my skills as an engineer to maintain the perimeter, guarded by land mines and booby traps, which keep bandits out. I've started the story but don't really have an idea where I'm going with it. Anyway, to get a nice, fluid setting going, I wrote down a timeline. Keep in mind, there are some political elements to it, but this is a firmly non-political story. There is some speculation regarding the 2008 election as well, and will probably change by the time I'm done writing it, but I do predict a Republican victory, and the death of the U.S. under his administration. Please note that this does not in any way mean that I believe America will collapse under his presidency. As you will see, the situation for the downfall of the country is not related in any way to the political leanings of the president. So without further adieu, the timeline:

    2001 - Terrorists attack the United States of America, killing 3,000 and destroying the World Trade Center. President George W. Bush declares war against terrorism across the world
    2003 - USA invades Iraq on faulty evidence connecting the nation with terrorist groups
    2004 - Bush wins narrow re-election
    2008 - John McCain becomes 44th U.S. president, continues war in Iraq. Last democratic election of the United States
    2012 - Iraq War bankrupts United States government, China calls in debt. US government refuses to pay. McCain calls off presidential election due to "national emergency." Calls in national guard to prevent any forcible removal from office
    May, 2013 - China invades U.S. soil, captures Hawaii, Los Angeles, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland
    June 15, 2013 - North Korea and Russia join Chinese invasion, levels Minneapolis in nuclear missile attack
    January 28, 2015 - China sweeps across the southern plains, capturing Dallas and Houston. Mississippi River becomes the front line of battle. U.S. dollar becomes valueless. Intact businesses begin only accepting Euros or Canadian dollars.
    2016 - McCain calls off second election, puts entire nation under martial law, recalls all troops stationed overseas. Civil unrest becomes full rebellion, 2nd U.S. Civil War begins. North Korea conquers South Korea.
    2017 - Civil War critically weakens U.S. resistance to invasion force. China crosses Mississippi River, quickly capturing Nashville, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and finall Washington D.C.
    February 3, 2018 - McCain signs official surrender of the United States, permanently dissolving the government. USA ceases to exist
    2019 - China inaugurates its rule over the territories of the former United States with a combination of capitalist and communist philosophies. Splits former United States into the Confederation of Chinese-American Provinces (ruled by China), East America (ruled by Russia), and the Democratic People's Republic of America (ruled by Korea). Rebellion ignites across the territories
    2021 - Crackdown on rebels is launched. Lead cell is infiltrated and dismantled. Open rebellion ceases
    2025 - Last Church in the territories is closed by the Chinese government. Organized religion ceases to exist in the former US.
    April 17, 2026 - Plasma Discharge Rifle is invented by Russian scientists. Using intense electromagnetic pulses, it can melt steel and Kevlar on impact, making all forms of traditional armor obsolete
    2028 - English education is discontinued in the CCAP public school system. Chinese state mandates quadralingual education program for all schoolchildren in Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Korean and Russian states follow suit.
    October 23, 2036 - CCAP crosses Detroit river to launch invasion on Canada. Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa captured. European union denounces attack. Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy send troops to aid in Canada's defense.
    December 14, 2036 - European allied troops liberate Ottawa, sending CCAP troops into retreat. Switzerland breaks neutrality policy and joins european coalition in addition to Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland
    January 23, 2037 - European coalition executes simultaneous attacks against the CCAP, wrestling last remaining Canadian cities from Chinese control
    May 15, 2037 - Chinese economy crashes in wake of failed Canadian invasion and dislike of aggressive foreign policy. Yuan becomes valueless
    November 5, 2037 - Uprising against Korean government in Seattle leads to arrest of all academics. 5,000 publicly executed. All Universities closed
    April 2, 2038 - Korea's economy collapses, loses control of DRPA. China and Russia both lay claim to former Korean territory
    2038 - Chinese-Russian war begins. Russia uses secretly-assembled East American and Alaskan armies equipped with plasma rifles to attack CCAP. Chinese army suffers heavy casualties
    2042 - Chinese and Russian governments collapse. Nearly 30 years of constant war leaves a North American population of only 50 million, living mostly in rural areas
    2045 - Increasing debt collapses the governments of Canada and Mexico
    June 13, 2050 - Oil reaches 500 Euros per barrel for the first time despite lack of demand from Asia and North America. Prices for gasoline in Europe surge to an average 10 Euros per liter.
    2053 - Highway bandits begin to consolidate power, forming small armies, fighting each other for supplies like gasoline and food. Leaders of these groups establish headquarters
    2099 - Last free territory is conquered. North America eventually becomes a feudalistic patchwork of private estates. Period from 2013 to 2042 generally recognized as "World War III"

    As far as the story is concerned, this is what I have so far. Feel free to give critique if you so desire.

    The Lost Nation

    "Grandpa, what's America?" My grandson, Johnathan often addressed me in English. He knew I wasn't very good at Chinese. I didn't learn it as a child like he did. If there was one thing about the CCAP I missed it was the language education. Knowing a couple languages can come in handy, give you an edge when it comes to surviving. Unfortunately for me, I was already 45 when they started teaching the kids Chinese and Russian, far too old to learn anything with ease. I snapped out of my reminiscient thoughts to answer my grandson's question. "America is what we used to call this land when I was your age." "Why?" "Well, that was before the men from China came here and ran things." Johnathan paused and processed this new information. "Don't you have another question?" I asked. "Nope, I'm good for now!" "Your english is sloppy," I chided. "Dad, leave him alone!" my daughter called from the kitchen.

    I've discussed with her several times my disapproval of her not teaching John the history of the United States. She'd often roll her eyes when I brought up the subject, saying something along the lines of "dad, filling John's head with stories about the old country isn't going to help him get his chores done."

  • Abandoned

    In my opinion, I think it's too early to critique you. Get the rough draft finished and then you can see what works and doesn't work.

    Good luck. It sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear your updates.

  • Crumpet

    Will this be your first work of fiction? I like that you have a good plan worked out - I tend to get lost in the detail. You should probably be careful about putting too much info in public circulation though.

    Good luck with your project!

  • B_Deserter

    I've tried writing science fiction before but I always fell out of love with the story. It may not happen with this one but you never know.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I like it!

    It will be won or lost in the details.

    How you are able to bring it all together and make it all sound believable and yet still intriguing.

    Keep us posted.

    You could use a few powerful sub plots that need to be weaved through the story at the same time as the big picture political power play stuff. Some relationship stuff between world leaders etc. You'll think of something cool. And don't forget a few wild twists that are unexpected, yet foreshadowed discreetly early in the book.

    The Oracle

  • 5go

    I am writing a series of stories. My to think it started as just one superhero story now it's a freakin pantheon of gods and all their stories.

  • Abandoned
    I've tried writing science fiction before but I always fell out of love with the story. It may not happen with this one but you never know.

    That happens to all writers. Don't let it discourage you. Just push your way through it. Or just stop writing that scene and move on to one that you're more excited about. You can always finish the scene later. It may be one you pull once you get to the final edit anyway. The key is to get the rough draft done. Once you have the rough draft, you can polish and edit and massage the story just the way you like it.

  • jaguarbass

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

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