Oh...hi, Remember Anony-Mouse?

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  • Anony-Mouse

    I just decided to pop in. I should hang around here more.

    Anyways, I guess Im here cuz I feel like telling people junk and stuff :P .

    So my brother decides to go back to meetings, but see, hes bipolar, and thinks he doesnt need his meds, so he keeps flip-flopping. He went on and on to mom about what she calls "apostate" stuff just days after telling her how proud of himself for going to meetings he is. Wierd.

    In other news, people started liking me again (from another congregation, no shock seeing as how I never talk to anyone) , including a girl (shes from my congregation tho. Same bookstudy even. Deja vu). Now, I learned my mistake from the first girl (lol) , who is also a JW (and now hates me, despite all my charm :/ ) .

    But the thing is, Im still lonely. 18 next month, and not even my first kiss (its a crime, i say!) . I also dont wanna hurt her feelings (shes hecka lot sweeter than the first girl) .

    Mom and I had a talk about me "disrespecting" her. Being completely honest, I dont. Apparently saying "aww, do you have to come home?" jokingly is disrespect. Im always home on time, I dont yell at her, and there are no girls pregnant cuz of me (a shame....Im kidding, i swear :P ) . I dont really like her, as she gives every indication the only reason im here is to serve jah, and told me I have no right to choose otherwise. Even so, we cried and made up.

    She told me about my dad (deceased) and how she doesnt want to explain to him how none of thier children made it to the new system. Although, surprisingly, she told me she noticed something "is missing" inside of me (shes generally oblivious) . She said "you can tell me, even if it makes me mad" .

    I may be stupid, but i learned my lesson LAST time i told her :P . These lips are sealed. Even if I wanted to say "what am I missing? Oh, I dunno, Freedom of thought perhaps?"

    Im 18 next month...and ill still have to go to meetings (it was nice to have a date to shoot for while it lasted :/ ) simply because we're poor. My inheritance (from dads passing) was drained by her. Even after I started working (odd jobs for a brother), she asked for more (which I did cuz....i need a place to live) . I got a check, and im worried if i let her put it in the bank (im too young for an account), ill never see it again.

    Ok, I know what youll say first (if you read this far). YES, i KNOW its a bad idea to get involved with that girl :P . But sheesh give me some time to feel good about someone liking me, lol.

  • UnConfused

    I remember you. Happy New Year and thanks for checking in.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hey and welcome back! And god would I give alotta money to be 18 again and know what I know now, without the depressing stuff.

  • Abandoned

    Welcome back ((((((((((Anony-Mouse)))))))))) Sorry, I don't have any advice for you right now. I'm sure someone here will though.

  • worldtraveller

    Hello A M. We need to talk for a bit. Here's my story.

    At the age of 18, I was kicked out of the house with my personal belongings. My car (maybe a grand worth), a small stereo and the clothes on my back. (1975) Virtually penniless. I did have a job then. It paid $4.05 to start. I rented for about a year(actually started out living in the car) and was able to scrape up a puny down payment for a puny condo.

    I got educated in college in 1982-83. When I turned 49 I was able to retire. Comfortable.

    My point is if an idiot like me can survive and thrive by simply using my brain, I believe you WILL succeed. Just put the Witness crap aside and work , Work, WORK until you can't take it any more-then get off your butt and work some more.

    At 18 you have an exciting life ahead of you. Only you can control you. You can be rich, and have faith. Just don't be obsessed like your mom. Almost all religions want you to be successful. One does not-can you guess which?

    Oh and try not to get so damn excited about girls like I did. Take your time with looking for a mate. Get financially secure first, then pursue your family goal later.

    If you walk away from the Jehovah real estate corp. now, it will be a cake walk. Wait much later and you will be like most here-suffering under the process called fading.

    Good luck to you.

  • jayhawk1

    Hey Mouse good to have you around again!

    I got a check, and im worried if i let her put it in the bank (im too young for an account), ill never see it again.

    Bull-Crap! Go to the local bank or Credit Union and get a checking account. (Credit Unions are better they have cheaper loans.) If you can write your name, you can have a checking account. Just do yourself a big favor and don't put anybody else's name on the account (EVER).

    Keep having fun with the girls, its good for ya!

    And when you move out, remember, we all started with almost no money. Just do yourself a big favor and don't get into unsecured debt like credit cards.

    Hang in there bud, I'm pulling for ya!

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