this could make you laugh or be really angry !

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  • mouthy

    I had to laugh at this post reminded me of many years ago. My Mother a Christian. Came from England to visit me .I was a JW in Canada . So Of course I did what I had been conditioned to do ADVERTISED !ADVERTISED !ADVERTISED! That WE were the only honest people in the world.

    It was World assembly time -So I conned her into coming with me. We sat next to a very rich old brother( Heisterman ) Who during the fellowship time >chatting ) he suddenly realized some one had pick pocketed his wallet...

    My Mother could hardly sleep that night she said"He looked at me like I pinched it" If anyone had known my Mother She was honesty itself.... Cant understand why she never became one

    Oh Yes I can she had studied with them when they were Bible Students & went off her mind when I was three - because she was scared of the end of the world coming. My Dad forbid her to ever talk to them again when she got well.

    That was the very same Brother ,Who after his wife died ,called me by phone ( I was still a JW) & said he was sitting in the nude waiting for me. I was shocked .... & told him Satan was tempting him LOL

    I should have gone. I heard he kicked the bucket.... He might be alive today

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    She had the nerve to bitch about having her watch stolen? What about stealing her youth, her time, her self esteem, and her donations to use for defending pedophiles?

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