Did you have a dominant family in your congro??

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  • stillajwexelder

    Oh yes most definitely

  • jacethespace

    Yeah mr and mrs nobhead.He was a providing overseer and always did the watchtower on sundays and picked his family to answer up.He gave talks and always obsessed about " bad influences whithin the congregation" while he stared right at me.Suppose it didnt help that i always was chatting up his daughter.Which was said about her " shes got a promising life in the tower".

  • KenseiShimonzu

    I think that's EVERY hall..around here,that same family spans 3 congregations so once you fall out with them,you're pretty much done in the hall.

    Which i thank them for,they showed me that the hall was a social club..not even the good kind with naked women dancing onstage,but the kind where they try and control all aspects of your life,while they live theirs,and co-sign to the way their "member" want to live theirs. Me and my friend used to call it"the kingdom hall of ______'s witness"the blank to be filled in by the name of the family member who ran things,when people used make large donations for "protection" in there we called it "buying stock",lmao-KS

  • Abandoned

    Every congregation I've been has had families like that -- to varying degrees. The last one I attended, El Nido (the nest) in Tijuana, Mexico had two families. The PO's family and another one that had been in the area forever.

  • R.Crusoe

    I am only partly awakening as to how they make it their business to mess with your business in carefully sculpted ways that have you feeling under surveillance in one way or another for even thinking or speaking to certain people. When split from my ex I couldn't help but notice on the two brief occasions we spoke over family matters that she just wasn't speaking from her mind and nothing meaningful could be discussed. I would not in the least be surprised if some Larry Grayson catchphrase was commanding her thoughts and also getting her to shut the door as soon as she arrived! No surprises there!

    Zero communication and recorded conversation never promotes compassionate dialogue !

    They are such discompassionate, hurtful people of immense determination on both counts. They say they are protecting their flock whilst ruthlessly sacrificing you, your love and compassion and family connections on the 'social club' altar of their godfather families whilst pretending to be showing you love! Howdeydodaat to us all!

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    Interesting. My mother recently told me that many years ago my dad thought one particular family dominated the cong and actually called it the (family name) congregation. My dad passed away a number of years ago. She married into this family. She is reaping the benefits as I speak (sarcasm) One day I hope to post the story but at the moment for her protection I can't.

    They say they are protecting their flock whilst ruthlessly sacrificing you

    R Caruso: I noticed your comment, how true that is. If they had protected the widow (my mother) she would not be going through what she is. They were only protecting their own a****. Grown men afraid to speak up and say this is immoral. She thinks it will come before the elders and he will be demoted. Yes, she is still delusional, thinking that they will do the right thing.

  • Honesty

    Let's see...

    Dad - PO

    His 3 sons - Elders

    One Son in Law - Elder WT Conductor

    His Wife - Pioneer

    His Daughter - Pioneer

    His 3 Daughters in Law - Pioneers

    Looks that way.

  • Dismembered

    We had, and those sorry saps still have two families that rule with an iron fist.


  • babygirl75

    I think every hall has this...

    The last cong I was in, everyone was related somehow! It was ridiculous!! You definetely saw how those that were elders or ms's moved up in the ranks and how partial they were to their family. My JC even looked like a family reunion, with me being the only non-relative!

  • VanillaMocha73

    Yep. Dad - PO. 5 kids - 1 daughter / son-in-law kicked out of Bethel because of pregnancy, he is PO in KH to the north. Next kid is SO in KH, owns the business that employs half the congregation. Brother-in-law of this elder is elder in KH too. Next kid - elder in another KH to the east. Next kid - misfit who is half apostate and moved away. Last kid - don't know where she is anymore. Got married. He and wifey are pioneers and if you are related to them, or they happen to like you, you are "promoted" - if they don't you are hosed. Might as well get out of dodge. Yeah - this congregation and the surrounding ones are known as "Family Name" circuit.

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