My very First Ex-JW Meet-UP.............

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  • nomoreguilt

    Well, that makes me feel better. It's not that I don't mix well with others,to the contrary, I usually am the life of a party. I was just curious is all. I believe I have gotten the sort of response that I would have expected from my friends HERE. It's like you never know what to expect when you first get together with total strnagers. but then again , like one poster said, We aren't really strangers after all , are we?

    Gopher....Will do.

    Thank you all


  • AudeSapere

    Since you are meeting in a restaurant, you should feel pretty comfortable with whatever happens - it's a public venue and you can easily leave if and when you want.

    Some meet-up organizers have a very specific agenda, some don't, and some have a few topics that they'd like to discuss.

    I have found that there are a few ex-jws that attend these events are looking to convert people to their new-found religion.

    My preference is a more free-style affair where people can present a specific topic that is pertinent to their person growth away from the control of the WTS. One night part of discussion was on voting: How to register; General descriptions of the various political parties; etc. Another time during christmas was about 'how-to' decorate.

    PEC and BarbieDoll have had a few meet-ups at their home. These were much less formal and more about friendship and socializing.

    Have a good time!! And please do tell us how it went for you.


  • Chalam

    "The usual...dancing naked around the golden calf."

    I thought that was reserved for in the Kingdom Halls? :)


  • mouthy

    They are some of the happiest times since I left the WT for me. I met so many WONDERFUL People
    Some are still on board some are not ...But still keep in touch with me.

    I think you will enjoy it. I did not get tipsy like Orangefat said....she did ( bad girl orange I didnt realize you were tipsy but that shows how gullible I am ((HUG)

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