Is there a problem............

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  • Sunnygal41

    with taking each of my parent's last names and using them? Aren't they already "legally" mine to use, without having to pay money for them? I know that I have to register the change with SS,.DMV, my bank, my employer, etc, but, other than that, there shouldn't be a problem.


  • momzcrazy

    I doubt there's be a problem. When my sister got married she made one of her middle names her first name, dropped the other middle name, made her maiden name her middle, and her husband's last name her last name. After 26 yrs the only problem was us figuring it all out. I had even given my daughter one of her middle names. I guess now she doesn't have to share.


  • JK666

    I don't know.

    I am a "Junior" and would like to drop it. My father, whom I didn't particularly like, has been dead 24 years. Would I have a problem dropping it officially?


  • hillbilly

    doing a legal name change in most states isnt very complicated. file some papers with the court and you can be who you wanna be.

    JK.. "moon unit" and "dewzil" are already taken


  • MeneMene

    I have done what momz described. Always had gone by my middle name so when I married I assumed the middle name as first; my maiden name as my middle; my (now ex-) husband's name as my last. I had to produce legal documents (marriage license) to change my name with social security.

    What I found interesting was when I applied for a passport. I provided the 'legal' married name I had been using for years on the application. When the passport came back it is in my full birth name (first, middle & maiden name) with the married name last.

  • MissingLink

    You haven't said what country you're in (not in your profile). Laws are different depending on country, and even states in the USA I believe.

  • reneeisorym

    I dropped my middle name and took my maiden name as my middle name at the Social Security office. When I went to change my driver's license, I didn't notice that they dropped my maiden name and gave me the married name. Now my SS card and my DL have different names! Can I easily get that fixed when I get my DL renewed? -- MS, USA

  • Honesty

    My last name used to be TAZE.

    Do y'all think I was stoopid to change it?

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