Feeling sorry for the old time witnesses...wishing it were the "truth".

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  • integ

    It's really pretty sad. I think of my parents, my aunt, and a lot of the old timers that have been in this thing for so long, and I can't help but feel sorry for them. I mean, how devastating it would/will it be to find out they have been duped all along. EVERYTHING they have believed in suddenly comes crashing down when they realize it has all been bull$hi*. There whole freaking lives. All the standing up for the "truth". All the arguments, the meeting attendance, EVERYTHING a monumental waste. They would feel foolish, embarrassed, and just plain DEVASTATED.

    I almost wish it were all true for their sake. I guess I'm looking at things a bit differently lately. Some of these folks so loyal and trusting...waiting, waiting, still waiting for the end to come. Waiting for their vindication that weren't just nutballs for devoting their entire lives to this. It truly breaks my heart.

    Actually, if I had it my way, it WOULD be all true. I mean, who cares? I could live in a paradise new world and be happy I guess- even if I had to live with only JW's if that's the way God wants it. Trouble is, I'm pretty sure, that it's NOT the way God wants it.

    It's sad. I know that my mother is just counting the days until she can see her father again in the ressurection; welcome him back. She lives for that day, as do many more of the "sincere" ones still in.

    I think that of all the stuff the WTS has done to people, this giving of false hope to these poor folks, is one of the worst.

    I would actually be happy to hear that it really IS the truth for that reason.

    If there IS a hell, there is a special place reserved there for the leaders of this org.


  • penny2

    I feel sorry for the old timers when I see them trudging from door to door with their walking sticks and frames - faithfully still going at midday in all kinds of weather when the young people have long gone. Not that I blame the young people!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I don't feel sorry for my parents.

    They chose to join the cult.

    They have had their doctrines trashed by athiests and Christians at thousands of doors over the past 60 years and they chose not to listen.

    They chose to ignor scriptural warnings about following false prophets as they watched their prophesies fail. My father saw a prophesy fail within 3 years of joining.

    I feel sorry for the people who's lives they have affected and continue to affect.


  • tijkmo
    I know that my mother is just counting the days until she can see her father again in the ressurection; welcome him back

    yup..and she won't even be married to him...tho this is rarely advertised...just more false hope.

    expectation postponed is makng the heart sick....no wonder there are so many heartsick jws - including lately my jw parents who commented last summer 'surely the new system will be before the end of this year'..

    guess what !!!

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Yeah, I kind of feel sorry for em too sometimes, that's why I don't argue too much with my parents on the doctrinal points. However, they are kind of damned if they do, or damned if they don't, because if they continue to believe they are living in daily fear that 3 out of 4 of their offspring, along with 6 out of 8 of their grandchildren are doomed to be destroyed any day now. So, they are going to be pretty lonely in that new system all by themselves with no family. Of course, then I think, well, then maybe they will know how we felt when they shunned us for years!

    I guess it's all karma in the end! Besides my father always said to me, even if it's not true, this is still the best way of life too live! If he really believes that, then he has lost nothing or wasted nothing.


  • lisavegas420

    I feel a little sorry...i guess...

    but mostly I soooo want the chance to say "told ya so"

    what? just saying. dr phil would call me a 'right fighter'.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I thought of this particular CO who had stepped down. His health was starting to fail. He was questioning 1914. He had little money to speak of. He kept right on marching although he complained about CO's finances after retirement. It sad to see these older ones.

  • tula

    The infirmities that accompany old age can sometimes be a blessing. Some of these old timers can't hear very well, so they are not even aware of all the new bull---, they can't see too good---so maybe they are not reading the new KM. (Probably takes another 6 months to get it in big print, anyway). With failing mental capacity they probably don't pay much attention to the changes. They are stuck back in 1940 and still believe and go by the edicts of that time period. If they are ambulatory and show up to the meetings at all, it's just to make an appearance, take a snooze, and socialize with a few old cronies after the talk.

    My elderly friend was just df'd a couple of weeks ago. He had no family to take care of him and was released from the hospital into my care. He was df'd for "being alone in a house with a female". I am now his caregiver.

    I thought about telling him the things I was learning here. Then realized how traumatic it is for so many of you dealing with learning the truth about the truth, and felt maybe it was best to let him have his dream of paradise. I have noticed there are some things he does not seem to go along with as far as what I hear as doctrine here. He is a very kind and non-judgemental person. He never talks about all the people that will be destroyed. His focus is more on the positive aspects...like people he looks forward to seeing again.

    I did tell him about the UN and showed him the paper from DPI. He wrote a letter to Bethel. No answer, of course. Then later, he felt guilty about writing to ask and was worried he would be labeled apostate for questioning when he "should know " that they must have had a good reason if, indeed they did do that.

    One good thing is that since he can no longer get materials from the hall, he is just reading his Bible every day. Maybe that in itself is a step in the right direction.

    I do believe there is an end coming to "this system", but it's not going to be the way the wts depicts it. The world will go on; "the end" will just be some major changes along the way...much like the subtle doctrinal changes the wts pulls.

    There is scripture that says "there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed". So I am sure that part of this "system ending" will be the revelation of the wts entity and the evil organization that it really is.

  • Sosteros
  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    My mom has been telling me for 50 years how soon or how near the end is.

    I can't argue or reason with her. In her mind the WTBTS walks on water.

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