Roman Catholic Church and The Nazi Party

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  • DianaMunn

    The Holocaust was a 20th century inquisition done under cover of the Nazi party. Hitler was catholic; and when it became known that Pope Pius XI supported Hitler, the Roman Catholic vote swept Hitler into power in 1933. Read what the press of the Spanish dictator, Franco, published following Hitler's death. It said, "Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity." It goes on to say, "Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory." Walter Schellenberg, former chief of Nazi counter-espionage made this statement: "The S.S. organization had been constituted by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. Their regulations and the Spiritual Exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly. Himmler's title as supreme chief of the S.S. was to be the equivalent of the Jesuits' 'General' and the whole structure was a close imitation of the Catholic Church's hierarchical order." Franz von Papen, another powerful Nazi, who was instrumental in setting up the concordat between Germany and the Vatican had this to say: "The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy." If you are not aware of what a concordat is, a concordat is an agreement between the Vatican and a government. As far as the Vatican is concerned, that government that signed the concordat has now become a part of the government of God, and the Vatican fully intends to stabilize that government, give it divine protection, and give it international protection. [IMG][/IMG] Signing the concordat is Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII). By 1933 he was the Vatican Secretary of State. Second from left is Franz von Papen, a sinister Nazi and devout Roman Catholic who was Hitler's ace diplomat and the Vatican's agent in helping to bring Hitler to power. Standing at the far right can be seen the little-known Vatican prelate, Montini, later to become Pope Paul VI. [IMG][/IMG] Hitler with Catholic Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo [IMG][/IMG] Hitler greeting a Catholic Cardinal [IMG][/IMG] Catholic Bishops giving the Nazi salute [IMG][/IMG] Catholic Cardinal Michael Faulhaber at a Nazi rally [IMG][/IMG] Catholic Cardinal with Nazis [IMG][/IMG] Hitler's Brown Army attending and leaving Catholic church services. [IMG][/IMG] Hitler at Nazi party rally Notice the Catholic church in the background as if it represented the foundation of the party. [IMG][/IMG] [B]“I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party.”[/B] -Adolf Hitler

  • Honesty

    Rutherfraud sent letters to the Third Reich extolling their virtues.

    Didn't work though. Hitler turned on the JW's just like he turned on the Baptists and Lutherans and Methodists and Jews.

  • Junction-Guy

    Also a german lady I knew years ago, said that he persecuted many Catholics too.

  • yesidid

    Hitler's Pope is a book published in 1999 by the Catholic ex-seminarian, historian, and journalist John Cornwell

    Cornwell, like other scholars, made use of the Vatican archives to research the conduct of Eugenio Pacelli, both as Nuncio to Germany and as Pope.

    He explains how he began his book as a defense of Pius XII from claims that he could have done more to prevent or mitigate the Holocaust, the

    genocide of European Jews under Adolf Hitler, but that something unexpected happened along the way. "By the middle of 1997," he wrote,

    "nearing the end of my research, I found myself in a state I can only describe as moral shock. The material I had gathered, taking the more

    extensive view of Pacelli's life, amounted not to an exoneration but to a wider indictment." [3] Cornwell, relying on exclusive access to Vatican

    and Jesuit archives, argues that through a 1933 Concordat with Hitler, his anti-Semitic tendencies early on, and his drive to promote papal

    absolutism inexorably led him to collaboration with fascist leaders. Thus, according to Cornwell, Pope Pius XII facilitated the dictator's rise and, ultimately, the Holocaust

  • mouthy

    You should read Jim Pentons book about " Jehovah's Witnesses & Third Reich "

  • Leolaia

    Wow, Rutherford lives! Down with the unholy Hierarchy and its Jesuit goons!!

  • Elysian

    Yes, what watchtower will never tell you is that Pope Pius XII was also hiding quite a number of Jews inside of Vatican during the WW2. He was a man who did lots of that privately and this was one of those things. Like Jesus said, "so that your left hand doesn't know what your right hand did", rings a bell?

    Let suppose he even spoke publically, you think that would have changed a thing. What most people either don't know or easily forget is that Hitler wanted also to eradicate Catholic Church from Germany and introduce old Germanic rites. In fact, if I'm not mistaken many prominent members of SS even stopped observing Christian holidays such as Christmas. Does that tell you anything at all?

  • TheOldHippie

    Thank you for providing the links to these pictures, they are a reminder of the terrible crimes the Catholic Church represented by its clergy and the greatest scum of them all, the Pope, committed. A great shame they were never brought to justice for the support of the Nazis. And the Austrians, who applauded when the Nazi troops came - but managed to be viewed as "victims" when it was all over. The Protestant Church on a whole was somewhat better, but its clergy failed terribly too. Only among the confessing Protestants you could find some people who dared stand up. When the Nazis started killing the mentally retarded, and driving them in closed lorries thru small towns at day time to the camps and execution places, did the townspeople protest - because the victims cried and screamed too loud. And priests started talking against it. And then the Nazis stopped the killing of these people - at least for a while. It shows that IF the churches and the ones professing to be Christians had protested against the crimes against others, as the Gypsies, the homosexuals, the Jews, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Communists - they could have achieved something, they could have stopped at least parts of it. But did they? No. Huge shame.

  • BurnTheShips
    Wow, Rutherford lives! Down with the unholy Hierarchy and its Jesuit goons!!

    I know you better than that Leo. ;-)

  • glenster

    A more balanced view than certain things given above:

    Hitler in his youth was may have been a Christian but became an apostate by
    most any standard. "In 1998 documents were released by Cornell University from
    the Nuremberg Trials that revealed Hitler planned to end Christianity at the end
    of WWII."

    Hitler's "positive Christianity" effort (which Rutherford appealed to in his
    Declaration of Facts) was a failure:

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