Before knowing TTATT did you really believe in things as...

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  • thedepressedsoul

    As a kid I really believed in 1914, GB, the whole thing.

    My issue that always bothered me was that I would see "worldly" people laughing, having a good time and I couldn't wrap my head around that god was going to destroy them. I'm talking around the age of 10 I couldn't figure that one out.

    That always stuck with me and as I grew up I still couldn't figure that one out, how all these people with a gift of life would be killed. Once I got into my 20's it spread from there and I started to dig and think outside the box. Now I don't believe in god haha. Funny how that works. Of course I believed that all as a kid because that's all I was around and all I knew.

    As I got older and got more "privileges" I started to see more corporate than religion. Now I pretty much don't believe any of it.

  • sloppyjoe2

    I believed everything as I was born in. I used to carry things in my pocket so that if the great tribulation started and I wasn't home I would have the particular item I wanted with me.

    My first realization that something was wrong was when I was 13. I was sitting during the watchtower study and it was the one that the generation that saw 1914 wouldn't pass away was changed. I sat there thinking, they changed it because time ran out, not because there was anything revealed to them. The first apostate web site I ever went to was as an apostate in an AOL chatroom sent a link to it to the whole room. I was too curious to not look. Even then I didn't buy into a lot of what was said, but some of it held true. As time went on I would read different web sites that JWs posted on but they usually argued with apostates such as H20 I think it was called.

  • FayeDunaway

    Sloppyjoe....yeah, when they changed the interpretation of 'generation' it was SO obvious that they had to because time ran out and they couldn't possibly sustain that anymore. But they didn't even admit that at the time. They called it new light.

    I feel so stupid for ever feeling hopeful it would come in the 80's as promised. Maybe I was sympathizing with the 10 year old kid in the wheelchair who REALLY wanted the paradise to come so he could walk...I wanted it to come for him.

    it all seems like such a fairytale now. To be outside looking in, how can such otherwise intelligent people believe it. I guess because their friends do. And their friends believe it because THEY do.

  • Vidiot

    thedepressedsoul - "I would see "worldly" people laughing, having a good time and I couldn't wrap my head around that god was going to destroy them."

    I sometimes find myself suspecting that millennialist groups have always literally interpreted that aspect of Biblical apocalypticism because deep down, they subconsciously (and maybe not-so-subconsciously) really want it to happen...

    ...i.e. they wish everybody else outside their group were dead, and apocalyptic ideology gives that feeling tacit approval and affirms and feeds it.

  • Crazyguy
    I have to admit I believed it hook line and sinker, probably because I was born in. What I didn't like was how people were treated shunning and this were better then all other Christians attitude. What I really had a problem with and helped me to TTATT was this god of the bible just abandoning humankind to evil for thousands of years and we were still supposed to love him even though he didn't do anything to deserve the love. That idea just didn't make sense to me.
  • Garrett

    When I got "recruited", I was around 14.

    I never believed the Earth was only 6,000 years old, but then again, I don't think many witnesses believe that either. After all, the old green Bible used to have dinosaur pictures in it. They wouldn't put a picture of something they don't believe in, in one of their Bibles. So if they believe dinosaurs existed, they can't believe that the world was around for only 6,000 years.

    I've always had my doubts about the 144,000. The explanation they gave me about how they were resurrected and how there were still some on Earth today.

    1914 - I accepted and never really did much research on it.

    Harmagheddon - Yes I believed it. At first I really believed it, but it slowly faded and after a while I didn't really think about it anymore. I think it's like that for some while others revel in the hope of it coming ASAP.

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