Hello from finland

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  • averyniceguy

    Welcome to the board! Do you know Kimmo Kananen?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi R2BD,

    I was raised to be dead too. I couldn't live up to the standards required by my parents, or their killer God.

    I waited for their God to kill me but he never got around to it.

    It is difficult enough already, for a JW kid, without the added problem of non-approved sexuality.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    I hope that your future posts have some good news for us.



  • Raised2BeDead

    my brothers wifes family. kimmo kananen from tampa right? never met him nor do I personally know him or his family but I know by name. how'd you figured to ask? :)

  • megsmomma

    Hi, just wanted to welcome you and hope the rest of your life is much easier and happier. (((((((((hugs)))))))))))

  • R.Crusoe

    What would you like to do?

    Is there something you are hoping will get back to some state of normal life if and when you went back?

    Are you unhappy in your current situation?

    Are you caught between two unhappy situations and so confused about a good way forwards?

    Are you feeling any guilt or hurt about how your family may be feeling?

    Remember they will want what you want for yourself if they are showing true love in their hearts and are not being controlled by religious ideas!

    I wish you to do the happiest thing for you!!

  • averyniceguy

    Joseph, yes, Kimmo is in the Tampa area! It has been a long time since I have heard from him. I think he is still in. Is he an elder now? He was MS, he was groomed to be an elder.

  • Raised2BeDead

    avery, i dont really know much about them, i was kicked out 5 years ago, and my brothers wife never really went into much detail, she and my brother married about 7-6 years ago, so they were in my life just for about two years, basically I barely got to know her and her family. I did email Kimmo's daughter though, sometime before I got kicked out, she emailed me once and then never again. I assume I didn't sound JW enough, who knows.

    But yeah, I'd assume he'd still be in it. The family seems to be believing it to be the truth, they generally seem to be as a family on a higher humane scale though, than my own family, but that's just what the outside gives, I would hope they're good people inside the walls as well. :)

  • Raised2BeDead

    R.Crusoe, hi there. To answer generally, my family is the biggest reason for my mental state and the worsening of it. My mother is the spokesperson to anything her God, and that she doesn't need any kind of help/medical help/therapy, which resulted in my getting help being delayed by years. I started asking for a therapist around '98 and didn't get therapy until I was taken into a hospital 2003 for a suicide watch, three months.

    So going back to live just 15 minutes away from them, in a small village with about 50 JW congregation, any time I'd go into a shop there's a 70% chance of running into someone, I lived on that area and belonged to that cong. for about 10 years, so at least half of them know me. It would be like living under a magnifying glass and be subjected to the endless begging and pleading and disapprovement and guilting of my parents.

    I am unhappy about how my brother started to deal with my things back in my home country and I tried to take the control back, by sending an informing and authoritative email, but I do not know if he has already taken the step of report, if he has, then even if I had him understand my point of view, it would be fruitless because of the officials already having been reported to about me, with his spiced up story.

    And, I do not believe that their love reaches far enough to touch their hearts. All their eyes are on is Armageddon and the Paradise, and that it doesn't matter how unwell you feel or how many problems you have, or how suicidle you would feel, it doesn't matter because God will save you in the New World. I have one thing to say to that, to my belief God was who lead me out of the religion/cult, now I just have to continue getting out of the mess the cult has left for me to bare and carry.

    God Bless.

  • Raised2BeDead

    Black Sheep,

    well I'm glad you didn't die, for the first thing. and second, it should say a lot to the immediate family if their kid begins to wish to be dead, or killed/taken away by god because life living His way is just too hard. Not shift the blame to the Satan, rather than look at the religion/cult you are living in and by its rules. I wish you well :)

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