For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead...

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  • Chalam

    IMHO God is a lot less dogmatic, patient and flexible than we can imagine. I believe in the Trinity so it doesn't matter if you pray "God" "Father" "Jesus" "Holy Spirit" or even "Jehovah".

    However, Jesus is THE only way to get to know God, He stands at the door when you knock, He opens it, it is His blood which atones for sin and reconciles you to the Father, He send the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) to dwell in you etc.

    It is not about following a set of rules or protocol but what is in your heart and if you really know God and are known by Him.

    "Btw, did you notice that "calling Jesus Lord instead of doing his Father's will" (the best way to be "locked out" according to Matthew 7) slightly resembles the way of salvation Paul recommends in Romans 10 (confessing Jesus as Lord rather than doing the works of the Law," compare Matthew 5:17ff)?"

    Jesus and Paul talk about the same thing. Jesus says the Law will be fulfilled and Paul says life by the law has finished since Christ had then died and risen.

    As you like to study the Bible can recommend Wayne Grudem's book "Systematic Theology"? The title will put you off but I think you will like the content :)

    All the best,

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