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    This is an underground slang term that evolved amongst swindlers because the intended victim was said to be "marked" for the sting. It could also be a reference to confidence man Ben Marks of Council Bluffs, Iowa whom David Maurer credited as the originator of the "Big Store". The victims were, in actuality, Marks' although the reference would have meant nothing to them.

    In some instances the victim would literally be marked. This was a practice among traveling crooked carnival game operators in the past.

    Coming from a somewhat carnival background in pro wrestling that's close to the term. The term Mark (at least from oral tradition and the old timers I've spoken to) would refer to the person with the money. Old time wrestling was fixed but to the specific town. For instance the wrestling crew would get an old collegiate wrestler who would travel to the town the carnival was going to be in sometimes up to 3 months ahead of the carnival and be sure to be seen at every event the town threw, get to know everyone and make sure they know he's a former collegiate wrestler. Then the carnival would come to town with the wrestler making an open challenge, they would have a journeyman take a dive, and possibly a more skilled journeyman take another dive. Here's where the term mark comes in, they would have a plain clothed carney behind the folks making bets. The one with the biggest wad of cash the plain clothed carney would go behind and make a guesture pointing him out to the wrestler. "Marking" him to say, he's the one they're going to be taking the money from. Whether a simple pick pocket job, or the more elaborate plan. This is the fun part, the collegiate wrestler happens into the tent and gets in a verbal spat with the wrestler, now the town knows he's a former collegiate wrestler and eggs him onto challenging him. They play the crowd into being convinced one will win, the plain clothed carney talks the mark into wagering everything on the collegiate wrestler and wham, the collegiate wrestler takes a dive and everyone walks away the con with a big fat wad of cash.

    Now it's a little different, we'll mark someone who is easy to work in the crowd to rile up the rest of the crowd, or we'll mark someone with kids who are complaining about food and stuff to get them to buy more food, or my personal favorite marking folks who buy alot of souveniers and hooking them into buying all my merchandise. Ain't the con-game grand?

  • Must obey!
    Must obey!

    Very well done Sir Nose...one of the better reviews I've seen.

  • SirNose586

    bobld: I like it! "Sucker Maker!"

    Billy the Ex-Bethelite: Outstanding comments, brutha! Keep it up, and I just might put in a good word for a mic handlers' position in your future...

    WTWizard: You've got it nailed. It's hard to be enthusiastic for an inefficient, neverending ministry. Thorough analysis as always.

    Mr. Flipper: I hadn't got a chance to slip in the lawsuit settlement in casual conversation yet, but I certainly shall. And thank you for reading, sir.

    Bonnie_Clyde: It looks like someone already answered your queries as to my use of the term "mark." You can use that, or "pigeon," or "sucker," but "mark," does indeed hearken back to the old carny days of yore. I am not a citizen of the UK. Many thanks for reading....

    Blondie: I like your additional commentary, as always. Might this be a foregleam of your returning to the throne....?

    wanderlustguy: Thanks for reading!

    RULES & REGULATIONS: So many young people get pressured into baptism, and I was definitely one of them. When you reach your late teens without getting dunked, it raises a few eyebrows. And then they ending up leaving anyway. Thanks for reading!

    Must obey!: One of the better ones? Oh you flatter me too much. I thank you, kind sir. And it shall only become more entertaining and educational from here!

  • BluesBrother

    A really boring study today, unless you are an active Witness who actually wants to improve your skill - and how many are there that care enough to want to do that?

    NB. p2. paraphrase - Some commendable preachers cannot teach- Why? it is obvious that they do not care enough. Do you want to have to call back and actually think about someone? Better to kill an hour on an easier form of service...

    The theme scripture Luke 8.18 "Pay attention to how you listen" was ,in context, referring to the taking in of knowlege, not the giving of it out. Granted the principle of listening if you want to teach is reasonable, but it is not what Jesus was talking about in that verse..

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