2008 District Assembly Theme - What is it?

by Connaughty 19 Replies latest jw friends


    .."Why we spent Your Donations on a Pedophile Law suit".......................................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW


    On a serious note to answer your question I STRONGLY FEEL it will be:

    "Stand Firm and see the Salvation of Jehovah"

    Many elders around my area have said this from "their sources" ... now let me go hurl

  • LadyCCC

    Why wouldn't they have info about the 2008 convention? could it be that armageddon is coming in 2008? A few JW's actually believie this. Since I was disfellowshipped a month ago, a friend actually mentioned to me that its a shame that I will be disfellowshipped because the end is coming this year.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    We're tiny, we're toony. We're all a little loony .... oh wait, you said THEME! I thought you said "theme song"... sorry.

  • Must obey!
    Must obey!

    Missing Link:

    "Education are bad"

    ROTFLMAO!!!! Hehe..that is way funny dude!

  • uninformed

    Maintaining Loyalty to the Assholes in Charge District Convention


  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    Obviously the Holy Spirit thought the faithful and discreet slave class has not made up its mind yet.

  • bite me
    bite me

    The district assembly is where they spend 3 days listening to stuff that they will not remember once they get back to their cars, right?

    Is anyone planning on going to this? I am curious to know, they also do the baptismals here too, correct?

    Would anyone be willing to listen to the questions to see if they have changed since 1985?

  • littleblueuk

    Why Did You Wait for 2008????

    Kind of like the Stay Alive 'Til 75.

  • Nosferatu

    It'll be the "Pure Language" district convention. Hey, if they can recycle their magazines, why not recycle their themes?

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