JW get's killed

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  • thepackage

    Don't know if anybody knew this person:

    Stabbing of woman stuns Pico Rivera neighborhood By Caroline An, Staff Writer Article Launched: 12/29/2007 09:54:49 PM PST
    alt A memorial for Jacklyn Villanueva, 22, who was stabbed in Pico Rivera Friday, has been set up with flowers, candles and her photo. (Staff photo by Keith Durflinger)

    PICO RIVERA - Neighbors and friends set up a memorial Saturday for a woman who was stabbed to death early Friday.

    The Coroner's Office has identified the victim as 22-year-old Jacklyn Villanueva.

    Pico Rivera resident Bryan Galvan was arrested Friday in connection with the slaying of Villanueva in the 4700 block of Myrtle Street near the Montebello city limits.

    Flowers, candles and a photo of Villanueva were placed across from Galvan's home on Myrtle Street.

    Raul Velasquez, who has lived on Myrtle Street for four years, helped put the memorial together.

    He said he was shocked and saddened by what occurred in what he considered a relatively safe neighborhood.

    "Once in a while there is trouble." he said. "It is just really sad."

    John Ontiveros of West Covina, a friend of Villanueva, said she had a son. He described her as a "wild person who talked a lot."

    "I talked to her a few days ago and she sounded really happy," Ontiveros said. "She was a happy, smiley person."

    Ontiveros said he heard Villanueva and Galvan had been fighting over relationship issues.

    He said a second victim in the stabbing incident, who was taken to a hospital Friday, was a friend of Villanueva.

    Galvan's neighbors said they did not believe he could be involved in the incident.

    They described him as reserved and friendly to children. But they also acknowledged the 20-year-old had a bad temper.


    Erick Herrera, Galvan's longtime neighbor, said there were a few occasions where Galvan "was rough with his girlfriend."

    "I saw him hit her," Herrera said.

    Neighbors Evelyn Rivera and her brother, Daniel Regalado, said Galvan was trying to get a job and settle down.

    "He was a cool guy," Regalado said. "When we moved here he was the first person I met."

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  • thepackage

    More information:

    Details released of fatal stabbing By Ruby Gonzales, Staff Writer Article Launched: 12/31/2007 07:20:27 PM PST

    PICO RIVERA - Detectives said an argument led a man to fatally stab one woman and injure another.

    But sheriff's Homicide Sgt. Mike Rodriguez declined to say what the three argued about early Friday in the 4700 block of Myrtle Street.

    He also clarified the relationship between the suspect, 20-year-old Bryan Galvan of Pico Rivera, and the two women.

    Rodriguez said the woman who suffered a stab wound to the upper torso and survived sometimes dated Galvan, while the woman who was killed was a mutual friend.

    The injured woman is still in the hospital in critical but stable condition, he said.

    Coroner's spokesman Assistant Chief Ed Winter identified the deceased woman as Jacklyn Villanueva, 22, of Chino Hills. She died of multiple stab wounds, he said.

    Galvan remains in custody at the sheriff's Pico Rivera Station in lieu of $1 million bail and is scheduled to appear Wednesday at Whittier Superior Court, according to sheriff's booking records.

    Deputies arrested Galvan at his home on Myrtle Street within 1<MD+,%30,%55,%70>1/<MD-,%0,%55,%70>2 hours of getting a call about a woman screaming.

    Villanueva, who was lying in the street, was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Records show that Galvan had minor brushes with the law before the stabbing.

    He was arrested by deputies on Oct. 26 and later charged by prosecutors with vandalism under $400, a misdemeanor. He received three

    years' summary probation on Nov. 1.

    Also on Nov. 1, records show he got 12 months' summary probation for trespassing on railroad property and three years' summary probation for petty theft.

    On Monday, pictures of Villanueva by herself and of her holding a baby were placed among candles and bouquets at a makeshift memorial in the neighborhood.

    No one appeared to be home at Galvan's house.

    Neighbor Luis Amezcua, 59, said the Galvans have lived in the neighborhood probably 15 to 20 years. The family would say hello but apparently kept to themselves.

    "We don't have any relation with them. Kind of a quiet boy. They were kind of a quiet family," he said.

  • momzcrazy

    If her family are Witnesses, that memorial won't stay up long.

    Did you know her?


  • thepackage

    I know her family.

  • erynw

    How terribly sad.

    My heart goes out to her family.

  • KenseiShimonzu

    I don't know her,but i know i've seen that pic they're using of her before somewhere though..it may have been on Myspace or something..I must admit though..it's kinda eerie seeing it in a memorial though._KS

  • steve2

    The memorial looks very Catholic in appearance...

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