The disfellowshipping of Walter Salter

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  • onacruse
    nowadays it would give unbelievable publicity (negative) and legal woes since we live in a different age.

    Yep. And even so, amazingly, the WTS (marching to Rutherford's demands) embarked on yet another such public vilification with regard to Olin Moyle...and that time paid a steep price! But that's a subject for another thread, eh?

  • onacruse

    Here's the next letter:

    W 7/1/37 207



    Dear Brother Rutherford:

    We received from the Canadian branch, Toronto, this afternoon, information leading to the disfellowshiping of Walter F. Salter by the Toronto company. At the regular weekly service meeting of the Winnipeg [Canada] company of Jehovah’s witnesses, held this date, the motion of disfellowshiping Walter F. Salter by the Toronto company was also concurred in by the company here. The following resolution was also moved, seconded, and passed unanimously:

    (1) Seeing that the Lord’s people are being subjected to a barrage of literature calculated to undermine and overthrow the faith of some, the Winnipeg company of Jehovah’s witnesses hereby recommend to all of the Lord’s people, here and elsewhere, the following course as a means of protection and safety:

    (2) Increased activity and interest in the Lord’s work, especially in the ‘strange work’ in the field sersme now beginning, as also the studies in The Watchtower and other publications of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

    (3) The destruction, without reading, of any such literature received through the mail or otherwise.

    (4) The turning of a deaf ear to anyone among us manifesting a desire to debate or argue respecting this course of action.

    We take this opportunity to tell you that we are unitedly behind you as the one Jehovah has raised up to carry forward the Kingdom witness, as directed by Christ Jesus, Jehovah’s mighty King and Vindicator.

    We are in full harmony with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society and the teachings which Jehovah is so bountifully providing us, through his visible channel, the columns of The Watchtower.

    We assure you of our Christian love and our desire is that the Lord will continue to guide and direct you to the end that his purposes might be carried out.

    The above motion was unanimously adopted at a regular meeting of the company.

    Notice any similarities? LOL

  • steve2

    Those were different times, times of mad-making theocractic warfare. Everyone was a potential target, every church, especially the Catholic Church. The Judge would roll into cities and towns with his clueless troops and loudly denounce the forces of Satan and Christendom. It fits that, when one of Rutherford's Jehovah's loyal servants went bad, as Walter Salter is accused of becoming, he would be a ready-made target for Rutherford's viciously paranoid steamroller. I wonder whatever became of Mr Salter?

  • Kenneson

    Salter was mentioned in the "Jehovah's Witnesses--Proclaimers of God's Kingdom," page 628:

    "Those mentioned above were not the only ones who allowed pride to undermine their faith. Others also did...In Canada, there was W.F. Salter, a branch manager of the Society who began to disagree with the Society's publications, let it be known that he expected to be the next president of the Watch Tower Society, and, after he was dismissed, dishonestly used the Society's letterhead to instruct congregations in Canada and abroad to study material that he had personally written..."

    So, there you are, the study material issued on the Society's letterhead is not personally written by any man; it comes directly from Jehovah. LOL

  • onacruse


    I wonder whatever became of Mr Salter?

    Well, considering that he had been a "good boy" for twenty years, up till the mid-30s, I would assume that he was around 40 then...which would make him near 100 years old when the WTS decided to take one last stab at his corpse. Other than that, I couldn't find anything...perhaps others know?


    In Canada, there was W.F. Salter, a branch manager of the Society who began to disagree with the Society's publications...

    How convenient that they leave out the rum-running at Rutherford's behest, eh? But then, we all know that Rutherford was a tea-totaler...again, a subject for another thread. LOL

  • onacruse

    Here's the next installment (almost a year after Salter was df'd):

    w 4/1/38 107


    THAT the Lord’s people may be informed of some of the activities of the "evil servant" class the following is published:

    One Anderson has "spilled over" and talked out of turn in so far as his coconspirators are concerned. He talked in the presence of reliable witnesses and, among other things, said the following: That the Roman Catholic Hierarchy sold to the Museum in London a correct writing of the entire Bible for $550,000.00, and that they expected to show by this newly discovered Bible manuscript that the Watch Tower publications are all wrong; that one Salter together with certain clergymen or priests of the Roman Catholic organization in Canada and elsewhere is preparing to publish certain things which they think will be derogatory to the Watch Tower publications and to the Society in general. He reports Salter as being exceedingly active with Catholic priests in preparing their ammunition for a joint attack at an early date. This is to advise that all who are devoted to the Lord and his kingdom interests should in no wise be disturbed, regardless of what the "man of sin," made up of the clergy and the "evil servant" class, may publish. The Lord has informed his people that the battle is his.

    w 4/1/38 108

    Our business is to proclaim his truth, and he will take care of the result. Let everyone be of good courage us and press forward in the work that the Lord has given to do.

  • avishai

    What a bunch of psycho bastards...

  • onacruse


    What a bunch of psycho bastards...

    Now, now! You miss the point: Salter was the psycho bastard: First he mushes his brain with alcohol, then he becomes one of the evil servant class, then he becomes one of the man of sin class, then he joins himself into league with the Catholic Hierarchy, with a "new" Bible in hand. But further evidence of Salter's fall into sin is yet to be demonstrated, even as the news of his demise is promulgated around the world, and the plot thickens.

  • onacruse

    Notice the glee from the other side of the world:

    w 6/1/38 176



    Dear Brother Rutherford:

    After having been scattered in various parts of the East for the last eighteen months, we the undersigned pioneers are met together in Batavia, Java, for the purpose of discussing ways and means of better organizing the Lord’s service in these parts.

    We take this opportunity of unitedly sending to you our heartfelt greetings and assurance that we are ready and privileged to follow the instructions of the two great Teachers and at the same time work shoulder to shoulder with you against the Devil and his forces to the honor of Jehovah.

    All are pleased with the recent progress of the Lord’s service in the Far East, and interest is now manifest in territory that had previously seemingly borne no fruit.

    Watchtower and Consolation are looked forward to with eagerness and the spiritual food concerning "Understanding," "Evil Servant," etc., was eagerly devoured. Golden Age re Salter was read with smiles; for there were many things concerning pioneers that Salter did not know. Even though the working conditions in these distant lands are at times very trying, the joy of the Lord is our strength and the pioneer spirit was never so manifest by the East Indies publishers as it is at present. Happy is he that getteth understanding.

    We are sure that the other pioneers in this territory working in Malaya, Siam, Indo-China, Sumatra and on the yacht "Lightbearer" would also like to be with us; we therefore send you greetings on their behalf.

    We assure you of our desire to always work in harmony with you and be obedient to organization instructions. May the Lord continue to bless you in your efforts as you seek to magnify the name of Jehovah.

    With much love in the Lord,



    E. L. HARRIS




    And the conspiracy blossoms:

    w 10/1/38



    Jonathan, with great danger to himself, visited David when David was in exile, and he rendered comfort and strength to David. (1 Samuel 23:15-18) Thus Jonathan displayed his faith in Jehovah God and in God’s purpose concerning his anointed one. Jonathan, although afforded many opportunities to do so, never betrayed David. Others did betray David to Saul, telling Saul of the whereabouts of David, and in this such persons picture the "evil servant" class that willingly cooperate with the other religionists or Saul class to work injury to Jehovah’s witnesses. The facts show at the present time that the "evil servant" class and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy are conspiring together in their efforts to destroy the work of Jehovah’s witnesses, and in this they are resorting to all manner of malicious falsehoods. A specific instance of this is that related by one Anderson, who has "spilled the beans," by gleefully telling others of how one Salter and certain members of the Roman Catholic crowd are in a conspiracy and expect to shortly carry out their conspiracy by committing

    W 10/1/38 292

    overt acts against Jehovah’s witnessses, particularly against the officers of the BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY. God foreknew and foretold all this wickedness in advance, and thus he warns his people today. As Jonathan visited David to comfort him, even so the "other sheep," pictured by Jonathan, visit the remnant and comfort them when in prison and when they are otherwise persecuted. (Matthew 25:34-40)

  • steve2

    What a simple-minded and rabid seige-mentality prevailed in the 1930s. Talk about lip-smacking glee that one has successfully routed an enemy. Boy, today's Watchtower Society is limp-wristed and lily-white by comparison: extremely image-pre-occupied and carefully sanitising its press releases. Back in the Judge's day, the emphasis was on unrelenting verbal attack.

    I am astonished Salter didn't sue for defamation - or maybe people were made of tougher stuff in those days?

    Even if he did not sue, did he ever let go this crazy Watchtower-fed obsession and enjoy the sunshine of a normal life?

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