Remember hiding out

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  • Parliament

    Remember having hide in the basement or the back room of your house so as the trick or treaters thought you weren't home!!!

    Gotta run the door bells ringing.

  • closer2fine

    I remember hiding. My father on the other hand would answer the door with tracts and witness to the trick-or-treaters. Our house got egged every year. Can't imagine why.


  • joelbear

    we used to sit in the dark, no TV. I hated Halloween.

    our house was egged a few times.

  • RunningMan

    Actually, I'm on my way home to hide out right now.

    I can hardly wait.

  • rem

    I remember hiding out too. Our house used to always get egged and stink bombed by the Mormon neighbors down the street LOL. This will be my first Halloween giving out candy if any kids come to my door.

    Suddenly life is a bunch of firsts all over again.


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  • Ranchette

    Yes, I remember that!
    I hated haloween too because it was so boring unless we went to someones home in a rural area.

    When I was little I was afraid of the tric-or-treaters when we were hiding out.
    Mom talked about them like they were all demonized and evil.

    Today has been so fun so far.
    I went to my first Halloween party at age 35.
    I've been dressed as a cat all day.
    I went to wal mart this way and meowed at all the little kids.
    I carved jack-o -lanterns last night and have already had about 10 kids come to my door this evening.
    I made special treat bags for my sons class,my womens club and the neighbor kids.
    I'm in my rebellious stage and have alot of making up to do for all those years of deprivation and repression!


  • mustang

    I still hide out, after 20 years. I usually go to movies.

    So, the 1st year I moved to California, I did this. Well, my roommate knew nothing of Dubs, but he did the same thing. Except he stayed in the back room, lights out, TV on the floor & eating popcorn.
    So I get back at 9 o' clock and he says to go ahead & turn the lights on. As soon as I do, the doorbell rings!!!

    He says I'll handle this, goes to the door & tells the kids 'the candy is all gone'!!!

    As Running Man sayas, I'm leaving early to hide out!!!


  • Pathofthorns

    Quick question:

    How many candies am I supposed to give these kids?

  • GentlyFeral

    If it's hard candy, or the little mini-candy bars, two or three. A small bag of M&Ms or Skittles, one.

    And why the heck is anyone still hiding out?


  • Pathofthorns

    Thanks GF.

    I just had about 20 kids show up at the door..LOL At least it makes this thing easy when they all show up at once.


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