Oldest Homo Fragments to date found in Ethiopa....................

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  • cantleave

    ...............2.75 - 2.8 million years old - slightly more than 6000!!!


  • _Morpheus

    Carbon dating is flawed!

    where science and the bible conflict we must accept the bible as gods word!

    scientists lie and commit academic fraud to make a name for themselves all the time!

    - witnesses and fundamenist everwhere

    cool info cantleave :)

  • cantleave
    What is really cool is this was predicted by the theory. They knew where to look to find these fragments and they found them. Evolution 1 Creationism 0.
  • user100
    hello... it was planted there by satan to make you doubt. you guys dont read the bble.
  • cappytan
    "That's just an ape. It's not Homo Sapien. It's just some ape that went extinct." - Every uber dub every where.
  • Phizzy
    Of course JW's and other ignoramus creationists will write off this fascinating find, but it is just another piece of evidence to add to the whole Mountain of Evidence that already exists for Modern Man having evolved, and for modern man having been around for aeons of time before that silly Bible began to be concocted.

    Homo fragments? Like what, throw pillows and extra short robes?!?


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