THEOCRATIC KENOSIS: the Watchtower Organization's ultimate goal for humanity

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  • TerryWalstrom

    Ever wonder why Jehovah's Witnesses have almost nothing but words instead of love?

    Every wonder why JW's praise their Corporate Leaders rather than Jesus?

    Every wonder why Faith is only demonstrated by allowing children to die and molesters to escape, or disasters to be welcomed through obstinate demonstrations of loyalty to the Org?

    Well read on . . .


    1. In Christian theology, kenosis (Greek: κένωσις, kénōsis, lit. emptiness) is the 'self-emptying' of one's own will and becoming entirely receptive to. . . ,<SNIP>

    The phrase I snipped out was "God's Divine will." I removed it. For the purposes of this topic, I'll replace that phrase with "Watchtower Organization propaganda."


    The ultimate goal of the Watchtower Organization is unity as defined by its Governing Body's current teachings. To comply with this, each JW member must set his own ambitions aside; renounce higher education, personal preferences, talent, and spare time. In effect, every day in the life of a JW is a blank sheet on which the Watchtower writes everything of any consequence.


    You've probably never seen the word KENOSIS in any of the Watchtower Society's publications. You aren't likely to. However, everywhere inside this religion you'll find the precept implied, taught and enforced.


    If you take a cup filled with water and you empty it out, the cup contains NOTHING. You can fill it with something else.

    Theocratic Kenosis is analogous. A Christian can "empty" themselves of their own will. In place of your personal preferences, the teachings of Christ are superimposed.

    Standard Christian teaching references Jesus himself as having "emptied himself" or literally becoming 'nothing' in order to comply with his Father's will.


    What is Watchtower propaganda?

    To understand, we must first contrast it with 'normal' Christian doctrine.

    The first Christian organization was the 'universal' or Catholic Church. This body taught that each true believer takes on the nature of God by Kenosis. A life of self-sacrifice, benevolence, or state of grace was most to be desired. Only human (fleshly) nature got in the way. By confessing one's sins, and partaking of the 'body' and 'blood' of Christ (a miracle of substitution in Communion) the fleshly was replaced by the spiritual in the act of literally EATING and SWALLOWING.

    In subsequent Protestantism, a perfecting of mankind was seen to be one's goal, creating heaven on Earth as a "shining City on a hill." Why? The rest of the world (non-Christian) would be drawn by perfectionism and seek to emulate it. Ultimately, the world would convert and Christ would return and rule.


    Jehovah's Witnesses are ruled by 144,000 kings and priests and one High Priest, Jesus. For the rank and file, non-anointed, there is no 'state of grace' but rather a state of day to day, moment to moment PROBATION. Each second of life is a walk across a tightrope with the yawning abyss of eternal death beneath.

    In all of Christianity a condition of INEVITABILITY exists. No Christian anywhere disagrees that the return of Jesus and the judgment of mankind is INEVITABLE. The only real discord consists of particulars such as which events come at what time, and who receives what reward / punishment.


    What sets Watchtower propaganda apart is the dividing off of mankind into a "Great Crowd' of Christians entirely beholden--NOT TO CHRIST--but to the Organizational Governing Body as its mediator.

    Peculiarly, the Great Crowd prays in the 'name of Jesus' while referring to and identifying themselves--not with JESUS, but with JEHOVAH. This schizo personality scheme is totally at odds both with traditional scripture, and historic Christianity.


    By insisting on KENOSIS and unity, yet refusing to share the renewal of the Memorial communion commanded by Christ, what DISASTROUS result can be discovered?

    Every person who is baptized into Christian 'emptiness' in the name of Organization as an 'other' sheeplike Great Crowd member, remains empty. That emptiness is ONLY FILLED by ---NOT CHARITY--but indoctrination into door-to-door sales work, conversion methodology, and cloning of more empty vessals.


    All the world's Christians seek Holy Spirit while JW's have only an abstract 'active force' at work in their lives.

    All the world's Christians see the fruits of God's spirit as Charity, love of enemy, acts of faith, and the embrace of brotherhood without reservation.

    JW's create statistics, praise their Corporate proliferation, and shun any who disagree.

    Is it any surprise how EMPTY the KENOSIS really is?

    It is revealed best by the act of DISFELLOWSHIP, when all the spiritual 'brothers and sisters' refuse to pray for an excluded member, and turn their back on them, addressing them often as 'mental' and 'diseased.'

    Now watch this!

    The stray 'sheep' becomes a lost sheep even to their own self. They find it nearly impossible to seek refuge among mainstream Christianity because the WELL HAS BEEN POISONED.

    The Church, the Cross, the language of Christianity has been poisoned for the JW.

    It is totally corrupted, impossible to embrace.

    HOW EMPTY is the person whose ORGANIZATION has departed leaving only fear and loathing to fill the emptiness?


    An EX-JW does not really have a connection to traditional Jesus Christ. That was emptied out.

    Is it any surprise the craving to fill the emptiness is impossible to fill unless that lost soul returns to the Organization?

    What is the alternative?

    Atheism, Agnosticism, hedonism, addiction, amorphous 'spirituality' are the usual destinations.

    Just as the Romans removed every stone from the Jerusalem Temple leaving the Jews without any possible ritual sacrifice--so too, the Watchtower Organization removes every trace of spirituality, Christianity, tradition, celebration or numinous reverence from the JW, leaving only EMPTINESS (Kenosis.)

    The shape of the empty hole is Watchtower Propaganda. It is the only puzzle piece which fits.

    Few are the persons who can escape from the legacy of emptiness and who can replace the Organization with anything similar to worship ritual.

    KENOSIS is a black hole of the soul.

    You can 'thank' the Watchtower for a job well done.




  • carla
    If I could find the thumbs up emotion I would post it! well done!
  • Shanagirl1


    Your words are just so true. Thank you for sharing this.


  • TerryWalstrom

    My mind certainly works in weird ways, doesn't it?


  • jhine

    Not weird Terry , very logical . Excellent and well thought out .


  • Finkelstein

    Great write up Terry , I might add that this religion was formulated and evolved by the commercialization and proliferation of literature, therefore that was always its inner goal and agenda. The ironic thing is that its head leading editorial writers were not academically trained in bible theology, they were more businessmen.

    As proving indication of that when Rutherford took over the WTS, from Russell, he made a stupid pompous claim that the ancient worthies of the bible were to return and so he built a home for them to stay (1925), which might even support the assertion that this guy had an alcohol problem.

    One was a clothing salesmen (Russell) and the other was a lawyer (Rutherford), those two men set the foundation for the other leading men who took position of the core operation for this religious publishing house..

    To sustain that operation they all knew they had to develop engaging and alluring doctrines, so they improvised and bullshitted a little. The aspect of fear mongering worked as a mechanism to not only incite fear into people's minds but to further influence these individuals to distribute the organization's publications to the public themselves.

    Being that the WTS has been selling its brand of Christianity world wide for over a 100 years and has only gathered 8 million followers, tells a tell that the general population could too smell a commercialized fraud afoot in this organization and I can only guess thats going to get worse in the future.

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten


    This post just filled in a lot of holes for me. Prior to becoming a JW, I had a very spiritual nature...this was lost and replaced by what I now recognize a pseudo-intellectualisation of religion/faith/belief. (I don't know if that makes any sense...) One of the things that I missed and felt a lack of was a feeling of connection to God/Spirit in the "Truth." I secretly envied people that went to "church" and felt the love of God and the movement of Spirit. Even now, after years of slowly fading and not being at a meeting in over 3 years, I still haven't been able to reconnect with my spiritual nature...and I miss that. Still haven't figured out how to get that back...

  • Finkelstein

    One of the things that I missed and felt a lack of was a feeling of connection to God/Spirit in the "Truth.

    Pretty much felt exactly the same way for a few years after I left the JWS.

    But what helped me to remove the earnest feeling is the realization that gods were originally created by imaginary thinking men and men today are still imagining that they are being guiding by that holy spirit (God).

    That in essence is the spirit of " The Truth "

  • Giordano

    Great Post Terry! Gone and Forgotten if your like the usual 'Leaver' from the JW construct getting reconnected with your spiritual nature is difficult because you had to think your way out of one religion and probably have to think your way into another and your mind is resisting that. Your spiritual nature is still a part of you and perhaps you sense or experience it listening to a great piece of music or riding a horse, taking a walk in a park or along the seacoast.

    For me standing in a trout stream surrounded by moving water, small waterfalls, the sense that it is all alive on every level with birds in the sky, animals and humans on land and fish and other life in the stream.

    I always transcend, marvel at it all, breath it in and experience being alive.

    My fishing pole is a second thought almost a bother but necessary to show anyone passing by why I am standing in the middle of a stream with a contented look on my face.

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