A "body of elders" or really one main guy?

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  • pontoon
    Bodies I served on were dominated by either family---father, sons, son in laws so they all voted the same or one dominate brother from Wat farm that had his followers that would always make the majority. Once that dominate one makes their case that's the way it would go.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    As a body has a head, every body of Elders has a head - usually some arrogant scumbag who cannot quite believe his luck in reaching the top of his little congregation's ladder, and he's now determined to make sure that everyone knows who's boss - and who they have to show respect for!

    Isn't the spiritual paradise wonderful!!!!

  • Phizzy
    I guess the GB is the same ??
  • Magnum

    Served in a congregation that had one completely dominant elder. He also had control of the other three congregations in our area. I was a new elder and he was about twenty-five years my senior. I was pissed off at the way everybody bowed to him.

    I mentioned it to a CO who turned it around on me. He mentioned in one of his talks that we shouldn't be concerned about some brothers who are really organized and take the lead. That CO was a clueless, spineless wimp.

    I tried again with the next CO. I told him that it was like Christendom wherein each church had one leader. He said "who is it?". I said that I didn't want to call any specific names. He said "That's OK. I won't believe it just because you say it. I'll be fair." I said "OK, it's Brother X." The CO said "Oh, I already know that". It was this CO's first visit and he had already noticed the situation. The CO had me and two other elders meet with Brother X and counsel him (with the CO present). It definitely helped my situation; he didn't mess with me anymore. However, the entire city still viewed him as the boss. They knew nothing of our confidential meeting with him. I might add, too, that it was not because this brother was smart or knowledgeable or had good teaching skills that everybody looked up to him; it was just because he was power hungry and carried himself in a dominant way.

    My overall experience has been that there is usually a dominant one (or two) and the rest are followers or yes men.

  • flipper

    The 44 years from birth that I attended congregations until my exit at age 44 in 2003- I noticed many times, in fact most of the congregations I was in had one elder who dominated over the others. He'd be more outspoken and just kind of seize the power and the other elders kind of fell along like good little sheeple never questioning him. And that particular elder would be given more respect mainly due to his history of having either been in higher up positions such as fill-in Circuit Overseers or had served at Bethel, or had actually been a former Circuit Overseer. Or because he had a long history of giving Circuit or District assembly parts or talks.

    My dad was City Overseer for over 30 years and people stumbled all over themselves to appease him. Many people actually walked in fear of my dad- because of his stern appearing, strict demeanor. I didn't walk in fear of my dad though- I saw through the veneer. He was as human as the next person. Made lots of mistakes and was very human- even lost his City Overseer slot and eldership for awhile.

    It's probably one reason my dad and I don't get along even now that he's well into his 80's - he still treats my mom like a " lesser vessel " and not respectfully. I saw many elders who thought that they were legends in their own minds- and it showed how they dominated over their fellow elders. And for some of these " stars " it transferred into their home life towards their wives and children. Very sad

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