Re: the WT's "library card" defense

by CatholicGuy 13 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • willy_think

    hay Farkel, i like your stile more and more every post recognize

    CatholicGuy, try this one: i like the realaudio when i'm on line

  • hawkaw

    Let's see,

    There is Paul Hoeffel's letter that talks to the criteria and clearly responds to what Catholic Guy is talking about.

    There is the 1992 UN press releases that talk to the criteria.

    There is Resolutions 1296 and 1297 of ECOSOC committee of 1968 that give the criteria.

    And of course there are the two (1999-2000 and 1994) directories. The UN's DPI Directory for 1994 shows a connections between the service department, writing department and the governing body. Need I say more.

    DPI is covering their tracks too. So you won't get any more out of those idiots.

    One final point - if the GB's lie is working out so well why did the Guardian NOT publish the Gillies letter? Oh yeah because Steve Bates and his editore said it was a lie.


  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    Notice that I said "seems to be working out..." In other words, in the typically smugly manner of Brooklyn, they assume that the brothers will just swallow whatever rumor they float.


  • hawkaw


    I re-read your intitial post on this thread again.

    I like your post but I think that their little lie hasn't quite caught on yet seeing most JWs don't even know what they have done. They will only lie when asked.

    I am going to print out your post and file it. Thanks.


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