I received my acceptance letter into Nursing School.

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I've been actively pursuing a career change for quite a few years. I've applied for nursing programs at several local public colleges. The competition is high for this limited access program. There was 450 application and they accepted 80. I was one of them. I'm so appreciative, because the alternative was the private schools, which have a tuition of $50,000 vs the $7000 for the same program at the public colleges.

    I'm planning on applying to University of Florida's PA program once I get a few years of experience in the nursing field. There is also another program at a nearby college that transitions PA into a medical doctor program. I know this route is a very long way to become a medical doctor, but I can't afford not to work 7+ years to earn a medical degree. I can still earn income taking the path I currently have planned.

    I will resign my management position in May, and gave notice to my employer yesterday. I didn't get any encouragement from them, but instead they mocked me. Several higher management telling me I'm throwing away 20 years with the company. I know I will take a hit in pay and lose a lot of vacation and benefits, but I feel so much happier now. My wife also is applying for a LPN program this year. Anyway, just wanted to share to maybe encourage others to pursue your desires. I'm 38 years old and been with the same company for twenty years. I have two college degrees that are in business and management, so this will be an entirely new path for me. I know very little in the health field, but eager to learn.

  • _Morpheus

    Incredible man! Happy for you of course, but your experiance is so different than many others. You already had two degrees where as so many didnt pursure any because of theocracy. You already demonstrated a willingness to invest and i bet that played a role in being accepted into the program :)

    i wish you all the best and im sure you make a success of it!

  • maksutov
    Well done, and good luck!
  • Oubliette

    AK, good for you. Thanks for sharing what it means to pursue your dreams!

  • LisaRose
    Well done! My husband and I attended a pinning ceremony last year for a friend of ours, we were very impressed with what the candidates went through to complete the program, there is a reason you must compete to get in. Its also a rewarding career with good job security with us baby boomers getting old right now.
  • zeb
    Doctor is the dream? in the mean time there is NOTHING wrong is being a nurse.
  • Quarterback
    Good for you. Nursing is a very giving field. I always admire their sacrifices, strengh, kindness in caring for people who have been weakened by illness. All the best to you my friend.
  • Xanthippe
    Adjusted knowledge, that's fantastic news! Good luck as you follow your dream. Thanks for sharing some positive news.
  • Tapioca

    Congratulations! You will be an asset to the program. WTG.

  • zeb
    Recommended reading into the history of nursing is "Brother Surgeons" by Morton Gould.

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