2008 year text announced

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  • WTWizard

    Now I know which song it was that required depressed people to shout out that fxxxing line "Look Jehovah's Sword and Gideon's" triumphantly! If only I could have added gunshots to that song--live gunshots directed at the sound system, or having the tape get eaten every time they try playing it...

  • Gill

    Armageddon THIS year then?

  • dedpoet
    Stand firm and see the salvation of Jehovah

    They'll need to stand firm for a very long time before any of
    them see that.

  • Honesty

    2. Stay a-wake and keep your sen-ses. Al-ways rea-dy to o-bey.

    In his place each one be heed-ing. What Christ Je-sus has to say.

    From his fine ex-am-ple we dis-cern How Je-ho-vah's fa-vor all can earn.

    So, as one we serve as an ar-my. Ev-er lo-yal to God's way.

    Since when did they ever listen to what Jesus has to say?

    It's all about their idol.

    "The "Faithful Slave" says we should blah blah blah..."

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