Governing Body Members

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  • Honesty

    Are they constantly thinking "I'm the Faithful Slave, I'm the Faithful Slave" he he?

    January 15, 1994 Watchtower magazine

    Pages 16-17 paragraph 5

    In 1919 that slave was identified as the remnant of anointed Christians. Since then, as represented by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it has been the center of theocracy on earth.

  • snowbird

    Yeah, that "slave" has pushed the Savior to the background. It's all about the FDS, the FDS, the FDS.


  • Sunspot

    It must be an interesting hobby to pick out certain examples of men from the bible, and then attach this to THEMSELVES for all to see! Talk about self-aggrandizing and having delusions of grandeur!

  • Satanus

    :) Barney, barney. This isn't going to get you friends.


  • greendawn

    What a joke this is, since then they had nearly 90 years to prove their grandiose claim right and they failed abysmally in this. They have produced absolutely nothing outstanding in terms of spiritual or other achievements and even to this day nobody knows where their doctrines will end up as they keep wondering here and there.

    90 years later their followers can't be sure whether they have the truth or not. That's surely not a healthy sign. They are quite obviously a group of clownish impostors.

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