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    is there help out there

    Could some one please explain what this means in referance to JW

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    The Jim Jones Cult of years ago, were all killed when their leader told them to drink his Poison laden Kool-Aid and most did, with no objections. So, some feel the Watchtower has the same power/influence over their members too and they would kill themselves for the Organiztion if asked to do so.


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    drink the Kool-Aid v. To become a firm believer in something; to accept an argument or philosophy wholeheartedly or blindly.

    Example Citation: One top executive named McMahon, the treasurer, was known for going around the company after he met with Skilling, Lay, and Fastow, and they directed him to do some bogus deal and say, 'Well, we've all got to go drink the Kool-Aid.'
    —William Lerach, quoted in Marie Brenner, "The Enron Wars," Vanity Fair, April, 2002

    Earliest Citation: You don't follow anyone blindly, my brothers and sisters . . . . We love Marion Barry. He is the mayor . . . . But if Marion Barry disrespects us, we will cry out . . . . We will not blindly drink the Kool-Aid any longer . . . .
    —Cathy Hughes, transcript from a radio call-in show as reported in "Being Stood Up by Mayor Leaves Radio Host Fuming," The Washington Post, July 17, 1987

    Notes: This phrase comes from the 1978 "Jonestown massacre" in which members of the Peoples Temple cult committed suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid (although some say the drink of choice was actually Flav-R-Aid). http://www.wordspy.com/words/drinktheKool-Aid.asp

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    this came from the wikipedia site...regarding the Jonestown Massacre back in the 70's..The Kool-aid reference is a discombobulation (meaning confusion, theres your $2 word for the day) of the facts...it was FlavorAid not Kool-Aid that was used..but like Kleenex used generically for all tissue, Koolaid is more widely known than FlavorAid...

    The connotation is that "drinking the kool-aid" is blindly following the suggestions of those in power without thinking about the consequences, just as those at Jonestown drank the flavored drink without any thought as to what might happen. Not drinking the Koolaid can be extended to any mind control group...(aka cult) especially the Witnesses. (by the way, this is not the first time Kool-Aid has been brought up on JWD...use the Search feature at the top of the forum page to find other threads on the topic..)

    Snakes (...)

    Mass murder-and-suicide

    There is a great deal yet unknown about what happened in Jonestown on the evening of November 18, 1978. The media has generally always reported the event as a mass suicide, but in recent years, variations of the term "murder-suicide" have popped up. Those who believe the event was a mass suicide concede that the 287 children had no ability to consent to such an act, and so were murdered. Many others point to evidence that most, if not all, of the 909 people who died in Jonestown were murdered.

    Jim Jones called a meeting under the pavilion, about 5pm or 6pm. Before the meeting, aids prepared a metal vat with grape Flavor Aid, poisoned with Valium, chloral hydrate, and presumably (though not certainly) cyanide. Before the murder-suicide got under way, Jones argued with at least one Temple member who actively resisted his decision for the whole congregation to die. A 43-minute audio tape, which was heavily edited at some point by persons unknown, was left behind, documenting the affair [16] . Christine Miller, 60, is heard objecting to mass death on a number of grounds, and called for an airlift to Russia. After several exchanges, she backed down, apparently after being shouted down by the crowd.

    About 45 minutes after the Port Kaituma shootings (which is how long it took to travel the rough 6-mile road back to Jonestown) the airstrip shooters arrived back in Jonestown, and one eyewitness (Tim Carter, a Vietnam war veteran [17] ) recalled them having the "thousand-yard stare" of weary soldiers [citation needed] . The shooters numbered about nine, and their identities are not all certainly known, but most sources agree that Joe Wilson (Jones’ head of security), Thomas Kice Sr., and Albert Touchette were among them.

    Jones exhorted his followers "you don't know what you've done", and that Guyanese soldiers or mercenaries would soon "parachute in here on us" and torture and slaughter all of them.

    The children were poisoned first. Aids took the children from their parents and brought them to stand in line. Some parents apparently went with their children. Poison was squirted into children's mouths with plastic syringes. Eyewitness Stanley Clayton, who was assisting already-poisoned children, reports that many children resisted, and were physically forced to swallow by guards and nurses. For those who believe it was consensual suicide for the adults, the extinguishing of the 287 children of the community is the reason the adults went to their own deaths with--they believe--little or no resistance.

    According to Clayton, the poison was extremely effective, causing death within about five minutes. After consuming the poison, according to Clayton, people were then escorted away and told to lie down along walkways and areas out of view of the people who were still being dosed, perhaps because anyone who believed this was just another rehearsal would be dissuaded at seeing people convulsing and dying.

    The audio tape records numerous "screams" and "anguished cries" (Jones' words), from women and children. Clayton reported being in close contact with many such dying victim children. [citation needed] Oddly, of the approximately 150 photos taken a few days later, none of the bodies show this distinct rigid contorted configuration. [18]

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    It's a reference to the deadly actions of a destructive cult eg those JWs that die refusing blood is like those that drank kool aid in Jonestown.

    In fact it was not Kool aid that they used but a cheaper version of this drink. But kool aid stack as the drink that was laced with poison and used to commit suicide under the instructions of Jim Jones.

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    Welcome to JWD, and we look forward to hearing your story.

    JWs are the same as Jim Jones followers as they do EVERYTHING that they are told, and believe EVERYTHING they are told by the Watchtower Society without question (at least externally). The mark of cult indoctrination.

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