Witness Divorce= How do you "prove" to Elders you can re-marry?

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  • oompa

    I think there is supposed to be a blood stain on the sheets or something like that.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    A Witness friend of mine married a Witness girl whow was in the world...the Elders just took her "word on it" since her husband lives overseas and she hasn't seen him since. She "assumed" that as a worldly young man he would not remain single, so the Elders approved the marriage...wierd!

  • Cheetos

    Never! go into that back room and have them close that door, the cards are stacked and not in your favor, no matter what do not suject your self to their stupid rules, basicly I am saying just back out the door of the hall with your bird finger up in the air, or they will wreck your life with their BS.

  • WTWizard

    This illustrates how they want people to be celibate when possible. They are grudging at even allowing marriage at all, and they have to have so many rules about it that most people will just give up. I'm surprised that they don't just go out and commit fornication with the person that the Tower is giving them a hard time about marrying, and then blaming them for holding things up so long.

    Of course, those running the Tower don't care that sisters have a biological clock that cannot be stopped. They cannot waste 40 or 50 years running around in field circus and obeying the stupid rules designed to stop them from having sex, and expect things to be ready for them when the "time" comes. And they wonder why the shortage of 6 year old children to force and hound into getting baptized.

  • tijkmo
    Thus no DF....

    not so sankes....they will df and they often have....repentance is evidently manifested by being really really sorry for it.

    used to be that photo evidence was required..if not of actual bedroom evidence (although this has been sort in the past) but at least evidence of staying together overnght.

    now at least a signed letter from the innocent mate is required

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    By introducing the elders or sit with your new love!

    Proof is that you already have another one so why hid it!

    Ok, I had an elder tell me 20 years later that men who look at pornography is grounds for divorce. It is not the actual act! I bet a lot of elders would say the opposite.

    Know the elders personal viewpoints at the kingdom hall were you attend! Some need two witness, other just need to sit in front of the person house, another might want a video camera, or they might just ask a direct question to the spouse to catch their reply!

  • NewYork44M

    Generally facts and circumstances. Did the opposing party re-marry? Is there a baby? When I was an elder this issue came up. One of the elders called the man to confirm that he had sex so the the ex wife sister could re-marry.

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