Hanging out with JWs after you no longer believe

by B_Deserter 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • LongHairGal


    You are so right about having a network of friends outside the org. so that the ones inside won't be missed. There are just a few people there who I still like.

    You are also right about how some of the ones you run into make your skin 'crawl' and this is definitely your body telling you something and you should definitely listen. Some 'brotherhood', eh?


  • Younglove1999

    When my husband and I stopped going to meetings, we didn't tell our JW friends who were in another congregation. We weren't ready, so we just put up this front and continued hanging out with them. Not as often, but we got together. It was weird but bearable...until one day I went to meet some of the other JW mommies at the park and one of my "friends" said to all of us "it's too bad "jane" couldn't come but she's no longer an unbaptized publisher so we can't invite her. The book study overseer said once she becomes a publisher again we can invite her" I literally put my baby back in her stroller and told them I couldn't stick around and haven't seen them since. I couldn't handle that crap. I was very close to adding "well then I should be going too since I haven't been to a meeting in like 6 months" but I maintained my composure and just left. I should have said it.

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