Thanks everyone for all your leaking of mind juice!

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  • blueviceroy

    I just wanted to give thanks to all the people here at JWD for making me feel welcome and sharing all your insights an experiences. Posting here and reading posts here have brought a lot of questions and also an eaqual amount of enlightment.

    I believe in the short time I'v been visiting here I have learned more about reality and how it should be viewed than anywhere else I'v been . I came here as a person interested in truth and I have not been dissapointed.

    Ideas when viewed in the light of pure intellect and devoid of a personality as they are online must bear a closer scrutiny than when they are dished out in person . This forum has done me a world of good and has helped me free my spirit/soul/energy so it can seek its own personal reality, whatever that reality may be. thanks again for the honesty, dissent and even that wierd person or two at least they are earnest lol!


    Glad you appreciate us. We are glad you are among us too.

    Isn't it amazing how being away from the Borg really opens our eyes to the reality of their beliefs? Why were we sooooooooooooooooooo blind? *couldkickmyself*


  • jgnat

    You are welcome.

    Ideas when viewed in the light of pure intellect and devoid of a personality as they are online

    I wonder, though, how often that is achieved. A lot of writing here is very emotional, and it exudes it's way through the pixellated screen quite brightly.

  • greendawn

    Nice to see that you have benefited so much by the interaction through this forum, when a community gets together, albeit on line, the pooling of knowledge that occurs amounts to something quite amazing.

  • RebelWife

    The light get brighter and brighter. Wait -- I think someone else said that.

  • BrentR

    My mind juice is not fresh squeezed, it's from a powdered mix out of a can with artificial flavor and dyes. Just thought I would warn you ahead of time .

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