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  • What-A-Coincidence

    bienvenida. Go easy on yourself. It takes time. Find something that empowers you.

    I served at Bethel for almost 10 years. I and my fam. are out. I advise you to look up Steve Hassan's books on cults. These can help you on your way to recovery. Also, the book, "the power of now" may benefit you.


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  • BIG D
    BIG D

    Hola, aquira,

    Que como se amo?

    What does your name mean in english?

    Many here are like you, good hearted individuals, who have been duped, and many feel theyt must replace their lost faith with something, mainly because they have been a part of an org., for so long, it is a learned behavior.

    Does that mean that there is anything else, maybe, maybe not, that is what we are left to struggle with, after leaving the wtbs.

    Sometimes there is a hollow feeling for a while, we are here for you!

    buneas noches hermana!

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