Predictions of the final total of total peak publishers for JWs?

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  • greendawn

    I estimate a little under 7 million, most of the increase will be in the third world countries that don't have that much access to the internet in the developed world their game is well known by now.

    7 million is 7 million too many but it's nothing spectacular given their effort over the years, others have done much better than that.

  • besty

    'churn' is the killer for them.

    Because SweetPea and I left, our former congregation will be preaching for the next three years just to replace us.

    Take Total Hours Preaching and divide by the difference between Average Pubs 2007 and Average Pubs 2006 and that gives you the number of hours required to create 1 new publisher.

    Churn will slowly strangle them, starting in the West with its ageing population. Their best and brightest are leaving.

    Love to see your calculations Cultswatter.

  • V
    They are already nearly seven million strong, in at least 235 lands and in some 100,000 congregations. WT 15 Aug 2007

    See study article here.

    This being published right before the end of the service year tells me they do not expect to top 7 million this year.

  • cultswatter


    For you I'll do it (heavy jewish accent)

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Belated thanks, WTW, for answering my question regarding Nigeria's growth. The additional information and commentary were icing on the cake. Too bad none of this "Good News [of the kingdom]" is truly good news.



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