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  • JayAre

    Thanks for the welcome, guys and girls. I grew up in a small, backward market town near Sheffield with a 3rd gen JW family.. The congregation I was in had a bunch of elders that were the most hardline and hypocritical imaginable (I managed to bag both a public reproof and a private reproof before I was 16, without even being baptized!).

    I moved to Leeds at 19 when I found a job, went to a much nicer KH, and stayed there till I was 26 (being rewarded for my good deeds with a variety of 'privileges' along the way). It all started going a bit pear shaped for me with the 1914 generation thing.

    Then, when I was 26, I met someone on a night out, started seeing them and started missing meetings. I was hounded by the elders for a couple of years, then moved over to W. Yorks to get off their radar and they've left me alone.

    Haven't seen any of my old witness friends for years. My immediate family are all now out, too, and we're still close.

    Probably the same story as many - just a different time and place.

  • Clam

    Good to have you on board the board JayAre.

  • ninja

    .......I always wanted to meet you......we all want to know who shot JayAre.....welcome ....da ninja

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Hi JayAre,

    Welcome,I was in Yorkshire this summer for a week at a place called Sherrif Hutton which was a really nice rural retreat.When ever I approach York from Harrogate I always seem to get held up at a massive roundabout which leads off to Scarborough,York and the East Coast it usually takes at least an hour to get passed it due to accidents.

    Love the shops in York which says a lot because I don't really like shopping.Didn't like the smell in the Yorvik Centre in fact one lady who had just come out of there when we did had to be revived.Went to Eden Camp which was really interesting went to Scarborough but couldn't find a decent place to park and it was double busy.

    Hope you can share some of your experiences with us and that you make a lot of friends here ,this is the place to be.


  • diamondblue1974

    Hey...we are the other side of the pennines from you in Lancashire!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Hope to see you round


  • free2think

    Hi JayAre and Welcome to jwd.

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Welcome to the board - we all look forward to your posts.

    I'm just down the road from you - Essex!



  • changeling



  • greendawn

    Welcome Jayare nice to see that you and also your family disentalgled yourselves from the cult.

  • Hortensia

    Hi and welcome!

    from a relative newbie who posts a LOT from California.

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