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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    With thanks to Clam for getting the rall bolling:

    1) Magnificence: big coins.

    2) cantaloupe: inability to run away with paramour.

    3) familiar: truth-challenged relative.

    4) majority: smallish military officer.

    5) lollygag: candy stick down one's throat.

    6) Lohengrin: squat squab smiling.

    7) Noachian: absence of pain.

    8) lordship: noble boat.

    9) parapets: man's best friend times two.

    10) adverse: to increase length of poem.

    Please join in!


  • Clam


    Parasite - a landing area for skydivers

    Entrap - A device for catching chickens

    Mutiny - A bovine uprising

  • JK666

    adverse - the disclaimer at the end of a commercial.


  • FMZ

    goodyear: 340 used condoms

  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    Paradox: Two physicians

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    1) paltry: an arbor friend

    2) euphony: when you tell someone he ain't fer real

    3) imago: when you say you're leaving

    4) mordent: another crease in a car's fender

  • erandir

    Nautical: When a good testicle goes bad

    Organic: What the organ repairman cleans from the organ

    Business: More than three sightings of the famous lake monster in one day

    Police: The renter's agreement in a lower class neighborhood

    Dedication: The education of the non-living

    Commitment: A prisoner's breath saver

    Discover: The time period after the last song is played

  • serotonin_wraith

    Debate: used to catch de fish.

    Barbeque: a line of people waiting for a haircut.

    Punctuate: a punk you don't like.

    Engineers: what engines hear with.

    Abundance: a dance for buns.

    Igloo: what I do to mend broken things.

    Butterfly: a food fight involving dairy products.

    Breakfast: How to avoid hitting a vehicle.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    ####### !NCRED!BLE! #######

    Thanx heaps! -


  • erandir

    One more for the road:

    Pantomime: The uncontrollable urge to hit a street performer over the head with a cast iron skillet

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