Giving liberals the 'boot'

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  • jelly

    I don’t consider any of the panel style news shows as news. What you are getting with those shows is opinion. Sometimes that opinion is mixed in with debate and some facts but you are doing yourself a diservice if you think of that format as news.

    God Bless America

  • sf

    "...doing yourself a diservice if you think of that format as news."



  • TR

    Why is the fricking ACLU so rabid? One person bitches out of 600 and the ACLU comes running. What if the 600 bitched about what one person did? And what the fuck does "God Bless America" on a sign at school have to do with the separation of church and state?


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    —Edmund Burke

  • TR

    Jesus Herbert Christ! Sean Hannity is a talk show host. His show isn't the network news for God's sake! His has opinions, which I happen to agree with.


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    —Edmund Burke

  • Simon

    Reminds me of a case here in the UK:

    Some visiting professor put a sign up on his noticeboard saying "God Bless America" or something similar (declaring support for the US) and the university demanded that he take it down.

    However, the same university allowed anti-US muslim demonstrations to be organised / held on campus.

    I hate liberal do-gooders who never actually do anything. I think we should drop them all on Afghanistan to 'reason' with the Taliban and the terrorist networks. If there are any left we could sent them to chat with Sadam...

  • TR


    I love you, man!


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    —Edmund Burke

  • Abaddon

    America; get off the pot or shit

    Seperation of Church and State.

    VERY SIMPLE IDEA. Very sound, reasonable, as it allows no one interpretation of reality or faith way to dominate. Many immigrants to America suffered religious intolerance in Europe, and didn't want the same to happen in their new homeland.

    Thus the prohibition against prayer in schools; religion is a personal or familial thing, not a homogenised community thing.

    BUT, even though it's a SIMPLE idea, many Americans DON'T GET IT.

    Swear the President in on the Bible; Seperation of Church and State? Doh!

    Open Congress with prayer; Seperation of Church and State? Doh!

    Put signs invoking the backing of god up in schools (prayer is invoking god, therefore that sign is a prayer NOT a patriotic slogan); Seperation of Church and State? Doh!

    Have 'In God we trust' on each piece of currency; Seperation of Church and State? Double Doh!!

    And NOW, people exercising their freedom of speech and democratic power are pilloried!

    Yay, don't we just feel the world getting FREE?

    Keep on rocking in the free world...

  • Seeker

    The ACLU gets involved in those cases because majority thinking sometimes tramples on the rights on the minority, and somebody needs to point out the legal principles that protect that minority. That's the reson, by the way, we live in a republic, not a democracy. The founding fathers felt that if we had a democracy, we would be subject to the tyranny of majority rule. Instead, with a Republic, the majority would elect lawmakers who would, in turn, excercise their political skills to chart a course that would be right for the country, even if the majority were howling about something else. The founding fathers didn't trust the general public to get it right, for they knew how mob rule works.

    Similarly, the ACLU doesn't just 'go along' with what 'everybody wants' because sometimes 'everybody' is wrong. If there are legal issues that are being overlooked by the majority, it is their duty to stand up and say so, no matter how unpopular this makes them. Sometimes I agree with the ACLU, and sometimes I think they are idiots. But I greatly appreciate the role they play, for they are consistently on the side of law, and society needs a gadfly to be like that. Look at the current political climate, and how willing most Americans are to throw away their constitutional rights over an emotional decision. If politicians came out with the America First! Bill, and said it would 'fight terrorism' by requiring all those with Arabic names to register with the police and be under constant surveillance, there would probably be a large number of Americans who would applaud this move. The fact that it would be totally unconstitutional wouldn't even occur to them, let alone matter. But the ACLU would step in immediately, as well someone should, so that the next time it won't be all those with Irish names, or Italian, or as with World War II Japanese names. If you don't step in when the thin edge of the wedge is being applied, you run the risk of being too late to stop the whole door from being broken in.

    So even if you hate the specific acts the ACLU takes, you should appreciate the principle of what they are doing. Maybe they aren't protecting your rights this time, but if they didn't protect the rights of those you despise, next time it could actually be you that becomes the target.

  • Seeker


    Hi Seeker,

    What is more generic than 'God bless America'? It suited Tom Jefferson and a few others just fine.

    It is just wrong, for God does not bless America, nor should He. As for Jefferson, he didn't believe in the God you worship, so don't go there.

  • willy_think
    But here's the kicker: The woman who contacted the ACLU has been ostracized by her community. Her little girl is no longer able to go to school because the other kids are angry with her
    . That, of course, is a shame. But it demonstrates that the majority of Americans are in no mood for irrational nonsense.

    "no longer able to go to school because the other kids are angry with her"?? not! no! lie! she can't go to school beacase the other kids are harrassing and threatening her due to her mother's political beliefe!!! VERY VERY different then, thay FEEL angry.

    are the suspected terrorists "captured" in prisoner of war camps? NO
    is the US in a state of War? NO

    terrorists are active in germany & england. when will we bomb them? never, thay would fight back and demand the rules of law. the US is using the army to arrest of mass murders in Afghanstan. how can anyone say it is other then a "police action" we (the US) have declared no war. we (the US) are trying to "arrest" bin-laden to stand trial on charges of terrorism.

    Here's how bad it is in Berkeley and other places bordering the land of Oz: The pacifist line is that we can win "the hearts and minds" of our enemies with love and understanding.

    lol.... how did a major chrisian belief change to a fantasy?

    Seventy percent of Afghans are illiterate. Even if we drop food on them, they can't read the messages that go with it. How are we supposed to convince them that we are not hostile? By dropping the Phonics Game?

    what the hell does it matter if thay can read. illiterate or not you know we are hostile because we are killing them. to convince them we are not holtile we would stop the hostility.

    hay dude, China called. there are some "chinese political terrorists" hiding in NY city. the bombing will begin on tuesday to make ready for the land troops. don't worry China is not at war with us thay are only going after "terrorists" hopefully not too many citizens will not be killed but sometimes it can't be helped. you know how it is. but we know thay are not hostile don't we. going after terorists does mean we can suspend the rules of law, right.

    Hate mongers suck

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