Is Iran's President Announcing the Emergence of the Anti-Christ?

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  • changeling

    AmADinnerJacket? Nahhh...


  • Satanus

    The antichrist. Tsk, tsk. Muslims believe in jesus, too. They don't think that he's god, like most christians, but still. I guess everyone's jesus is different than the other religion's jesus. Their jesus is your antichrist; your christ is their satan. I'm no fan of the guy, or islam, for that matter. But, is he that much worse than bush?


  • Perry

    Very interesting case for an Islamic anti-christ :

  • tula
    a savior who would soon bring peace

    Its ALgore. He will be liason between UN and the peoples of the world. The false prophet. The head wound. (ego)

  • heathen

    Either way we look at it , from Islam or the "christian" sector we are heading toward a totalitarian global government . Of course the US continues to consider itself a christian country,I don't know why people still insist that it is ,this is a country for freedom of religion .

  • MegaDude

    A few years ago, Saddam was all the rage in the Christian pin the tail on the Anti-Christ game.

    I got enough end times speculation in the JWs. I don't need to repeat it in another religion.

  • Narkissos
    the Christian pin the tail on the Anti-Christ game

    Lol. That about sums it up.

    Dualism is incurable.

  • Perry

    There, I made the link hot.

    Either way we look at it , from Islam or the "christian" sector we are heading toward a totalitarian global government .


    You are sorta making my point. If Mr. DinnerJacket sees himself as a sort of John the Baptist prepairing the way for the Islamic "savior" by creating chaos in the world.... what can be done about it? Nothing, because the world doesn't seem to have the will power to deny him the ability to make nuclear weapons..... much the same way that Hitler made a lot of noise and prepared for world war for years in the backyard of the objects of his hatred.

    The book presents the view that although the atheist/secularists certainly don't love this guy, their mutual hatred of Bush and Christians creates a possible weak alliance of sorts. It's easy to imagine the secularists going along with a "peacemaker" that has weakened or destroyed the United States in order to try and duplicate what they have accomplished in the West in the Islamic world. (1.3 billion people) However, that agenda was furthered over many scores of years in free and democratic societies. The nature of Islamic governments and the posession of nuclear weapons makes this impossible in my view. I know that our atheist friends see this as their only hope...but it's just pie in the sky in my opinion. The islamists can pull the trigger at anytime they feel their control slipping from them into hands of secularists. They are the fastest growing religion in the world and are growing at an unprecedented rate.

    So, the author sees the atheists/secularists marginalised during the whole time this thing plays itself out, preferring to wait and prepare for institutional takeover. They represent only a very small (albeit loud) percentage of the world population anyway.... with the vast majority of people on this planet believing in a God.

    So, the way he sees this thing playing out is one of two ways: (1) US/Israel does a preemptive strike on Iran to eliminate it's nuclear capabilities. This in turn gives the green light for Al Queda to set off a few nukes already in place, and thus wiping out one or more American cities. Or, (2) the US does nothing and Al Queda sets off a few nukes anyway when Iran is properly armed with nuclear weapons.

    Either way, the US is devastated economically and quite out of the picture as far as being able to help Israel when they are attacked. Up pops the anti-christ and gets 1.3 billion moslems to settle down, promises and delivers Israel peace, atheists see their opportunity to work their agenda in over time and just go along, everyone else just wants to stop the bloodshed and just say alright already. The anti-christ breaks the peace treaty, amasses a huge army to invade and annilate Israel. He does this and seats himself upon the throne of David declaring himself to be God, similar to the way Jesus declared himself to be God.

    The real Christ then appears and with a single breath unseats the unlawful king of the Jews, walks right up and sits down on his rightful throne and begins to judge the nations (not individual people). Thus begins his thousand year rule.

    I personally believe that the twin towers was just an initial salvo to see what would be the world's reaction to mass genocide of Americans. I believe the terrorists are pleased and the devastation of the United States as we know it is right around the corner.

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    i dont worry about chronic ass-bags like political leaders. know why? because eventually they all grow old, and then they die. problem solved.

  • wherehasmyhairgone
    the Christian pin the tail on the Anti-Christ game

    Thats got to be comment of the day. I will have to remember that one.

    I also agree with HIlary_step, the comment about Islam, can mirror so easily to what is happen right here.

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