Watchtower Custom Prints Bibles for Babylon (1992)

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  • cabasilas

    I agree. It's kind of like if we found out that Bethel was donating their surplus food to a local St Vincent de Paul dining room for the poor. That would be a laudable act but inconsistent with their policies which require disfellowshipping someone for joining the YMCA, for example.

    I really wish these sort of things we uncover like the affiilation with the UN/DPI or custom printing Bibles for another religious organization were indications of a change of attitude in the Watchtower Organization. Unfortunately, the motivations for these seem to be for business or personal benefit.

  • whereami

    I've heard them at the meeting say that if you had a contract to paint the outside of a church that it would land you in the back room. Such hypocrisy!!!

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    This was probably a ASV version. I believe the Soceity ownes the ASV and has printed it off and on for numerous sources. They bought the rights around the 1900's.


    Hypocrisy...big time. But even bigger...wouldn't they be guilty of promoting false religion? Afterall, even though this bible may have had the name Jehovah in it, I'd bet dollars to dognuts that it also had the word "cross" instead of "stake", and the infamous "A" left out of John 1:1 and that naughty little comma in Luke 23:43 was probably in the wrong location. The mere fact that they would print bibles for distribution with false teachings in them make them guilty. And I had to turn off the radio when "Hotel California" came on. Whadda bunch of hypocrites!!


  • BluesBrother
    Page 17 of the PDF file contains a statement by the Thailand Bible Society that they ordered 2,000 copies of the Thai Bible OV83 from the Watchtower Society "following the normal procedures of buying and selling."

    That is the damning feature of the story , in my view..The fact that you can go into the kind of "Christian Bookshop" that dubs are not supposed to frequent, and buy a bible that is familiar to any Witness, and that provides a profit to the company - that should be an anathema to any Witness.

    They support the Org. with hard earned contributions . They all believe the printing presses at Bethel are exclusively used to print Bibles and books that are given for a voluntary contribution, "You received free Give free" Jesus said.

    What does the WT say about religions who distribute Bibles for profit and indulge in commerce?????

  • Jim_TX
    " I'll bet they do a lot of custom printing with all those high-powered high tech printers they have. You know, a little extra $$ on the side, and who's the wiser?"

    I think that THIS is the 'scandal' of the matter - not the actual printing of bibles other than the NWT.

    If I recall correctly... the WTBTS is a non-profit organization. So, unless they were donating the Thai printed bibles - they were making a profit. Plain and simple.

    So - go do your homework, and find out how much the Thai Bible Society (or whomever) actually paid to have these bibles printed. If you can. THAT is the smoking gun.


    Jim TX

  • journey-on

    That's exactly the scandal, Jim-TX

    You know the Bethelites that slave for the bOrg aren't going to question anything in the printing dept. That might

    get them in trouble. So, like good little drones, they will just set up the printing presses and do as they're told.

    I wonder who gets these extra bucks coming in on the side? I wonder if it's even accounted for?

    This way, if someone asks if donations were used for such and such, they can truthfully say "No". Columbia

    University Law School for Schroeder's son? Sail boats in the Virgin Islands? St. Croix condos? What else are they

    hiding from the r&f?

  • Jim_TX
    "I wonder if it's even accounted for?"

    Well, this is where it gets dicey - if not handled 'properly'. If the commercial book reseller reports the purchase of the bibles - to the IRS - as an expense - then the IRS will most likely need to see something from the other end - the WTBTS - as a reported 'income'. Or... that's how it normally works, I believe.

    However... if they are dealing with an out-of-the-country organization... then they may not be accountable to the IRS - in which case, the WTBTS gets away with not reporting the income.

    What a wonderful business... free/slave labor... no questions asked by the workers - or the members... no reporting/accounting to the higher government officals...


    Jim TX

  • journey-on

    It's probably hidden in one of their many many corporations and would take a team of IRS accountants to find it.

    Or, worse, a private business set up on the side. Who's to know. If you're a JDub and ask too many questions,

    you risk getting booted. They've got all their bases covered. It's frustrating....but, I think it could be investigated

    if the right things were in place and enough people demanded it.

  • Jim_TX
    "I think it could be investigated if the right things were in place and enough people demanded it."

    An anecdote from my past - then a wrap-up comment to tie it together...

    When I worked for a company in the past - it was classified as a 'Not-for-profit' organization (not the same as a non-profit - but close). Well, they had a printshop there and they would do small jobs for personal use, on a time and materials basis. The cost was less than a commercial printing establishment, and I was admonished to NOT let any commercial printing establishment know that we were dealing like this - as they could get in trouble - for doing business on the side like this - at lower costs than what could be done commercially. (Is there a 'printers' union?)

    Okay. This may be the way to approach this one. A commercial printing facility might need to get some figures on what the client was billed - and if they are less than what is standard commercially - then they can bring it up publicly (lawsuit?) as a unfair pricing practice - or some such.


    Jim TX

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