Bogus numbers in the Evolution book

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  • hamsterbait

    It is true, that if you are just pulling a card out of a bag with a particular number (ie creative day) on it the odds against the genesis order coming out first time are high.

    The people who edited the bible, even those who invented the myth, were intelligent human beings, using what they KNEW to explain what they saw.

    The sky is blue, so there must be an ocean up there like below. They no doubt at times had seen tides rise and fall and inundate the earth. What could be more logical than a world of water at the beginning.

    God is not said to see the day and night, so this must have come after the water.

    Before there could be land there had to be air for it to occupy above the waters. So he made the expanse.

    Without land there could be no plant life for food, so the land had to come next. The animals could not starve.

    The next the placing of sun and moon to govern day and night - ie measure the ecclesiastical year, i s probably an editorial insertion, as the existence at least of the sun is implied on day one.

    As for birds and fish neither are creatures of the earth but only of air and water.

    The land animals are the domestic and others which served the interests of man.

    THINK : No fool would say birds came first when there was no air for them to fly in. Nor land animals before land, and no animal life before food.

    We are talking of an account made by modern humans with reasoning ability. But no science.

    Even the order of the plagues of Egypt follows the probable order of events, one leading into the other, after a catastrophic algal bloom in the Nile - yes the water does look like blood - and a season of terrible weather, which we all know does not provce the wrath of Jehoobie. Anybody with first hand experience could have put together this story.

    Neither account requires the miracle of divine information.

    As for the account in Genesis of the expanse being spread out between earth and heaven the stars and sun and stars being put in to measure the seasons - it is all so obviously culled from Egyptian sources I am amazed that anybody can keep a straight face when quoting that much touted creationist statistic.


  • B_Deserter

    Except that Genesis DIDNT get it right. All the available evidence shows that land animals came before flying creatures.

  • Shawn10538

    So, according to the Bible. light came after the earth. So what, Jah just fired up the sun and stars after he already created the earth?

  • Leolaia
    So, according to the Bible. light came after the earth. So what, Jah just fired up the sun and stars after he already created the earth?

    Yeah, the sun, moon, and stars were made on the fourth day (Genesis 1:14-18), quite some time after the earth. The Society thus explains this way in a strained fashion by saying that there were not made then but only became visible from the vantage point of earth.

  • Shawn10538

    Yeah, that's the spin they put on it alright. But, "there came to be light suggests that before there came to be light , there was no light. It doesn't say that there was light but we couldn't see it. In any case, what kind of thick covering woud prevent ALL light from coming through. At best it would be a diffused light like we have on grey days.

    Another thing is that the Bible writers said there was a canopy, or firmament over the earth. They believed that the earth was contained in a sort of glass (or other material) sphere, and the stars were somehow pasted on the surface of the sphere, or that the sphere had holes in it and the light was behind the firmament and the holes poked in it were "the stars." See the skeptic's anotated Bible for further info on this.

    This shows that we really don't know what kind of crazy images the Bible writer's had in their heads when they wrote what they wrote. We interpret the Bible today in view of current science. Not only did Bible writers think the world was flat, they used the scripture in Isaiah to prove it. To them the earth was a flat circle with a ceiling on which the stars were pasted. The same scripture in Isaiah that Bible apologists use to say that the Bible spoke of a spherical earth today, was used for more than a thousand years to prove the earth was FLAT!.

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