A few odd things I would appreciate some insight into.

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  • nvrgnbk

    If there is one thing we've all learned about JWism, it's that what is taught and believed at this moment will change.

    A careful examination of the history of the organization teaches us that.

  • WTWizard

    Confusion of what is OK and what is not is what the Watchtower Society is good at creating. It is OK today, but if you do it tomorrow, you might get disfellowshipped. Three days later, it's OK but not retroactively so. And there are so many rules and conditions that are intended to confuse people that they just play it safe and spend all their time in field circus, leading to more poverty and stagnation.

    This is a prime example of creating problems where none needed to exist. How much easier would it be if they had a strict policy of not initiating force, coercion, or fraud against innocent people. Then it would be easy to figure out if something is allowed. So you are offerred a job that includes hoisting a flag. Are you initiating force, coercion, or fraud in hoisting that flag? If not, then the job is OK and always will be. The same for jury duty and a government job. If you are working in a department where initiatory force is going to be used against citizens, then it is not OK. If you are working in a department where defense is the job, from criminals or foreign enemies who already have initiated force, then it is OK and always will be. No lengthy explanations or reversals needed.

    And, if you get that computer programming job for the military that pays $100 or more an hour, by all means take it! Most of the wars this country has gotten involved in are defensive, whether defending this nation or some innocent nation from an aggressor. And I have no problem supporting that--it's the nations that initiate aggression offensively that need to be punished (if not with sanctions, then with retaliatory force) to cripple their ability to terrorize the world and to deter other nations from doing the same. It really simplifies matters--instead of creating problems where none needed to exist like the Puketower Society is an expert in doing.

  • yknot

    JW's are required to show up for jury duty. Usually though they are dismissed because of being Witnesses or if a death penalty case is gearing up they make clear their unwillingness to consider the death penalty. POOF they are outta there!

  • Cheetos

    Guy, you got that right dude.

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