Roller's back in town!

by RollerDave 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • BizzyBee

    It worked! Thanks, Snakes and Dave for the great pictures.

    And a great vacation story, Dave. Felt like I was there.....

  • mrsroller

    Yes! We had such a great time!!! I wish every day had been like the day we left:( It was a shame that we couldn't take the apostatruck but our happy little cargo hauler did the job. Probably saved us a bunch on gas anyway. Lots of great meals, beautiful scenery, fun games, shopping....definitely wanna stay in the dome again but we'll rent it for much longer. The kids had a lot of fun down by the shore searching for agates and rocks. The kitchen was awesome...loved cooking in it. Grilling steak, chicken and brats...charcoal is the best! Cozying up by the wood stove and watching good movies. I do not take pictures of toilets per se...they are pictures of the entire bathroom. It's just that the toilet always stands out. I like taking pictures of every room in the places we stay before the kids tornado around. Vacation is never long enough...back to work now ...


  • RollerDave


    Thanks man, that looks a lot better.

    Hey Beck! nice post, you lil' vixen you.

    Yeah, gas in that truck would have been a killer. Just called the shop, they are still taking it apart but should have the heads off tonight, then we'll know if it's a gasket, or a crack and if the heads can be repaired instead of replaced.

    But now the pics are up, folks can see, it was great.


  • Gopher

    Hey Dave,

    Nice travelogue. The parts I noticed : Pamida, ELO, Temperance River, Geodesic dome, sunshine like diamonds on the water.

    I like that part of the state, even Grand Marais! (I walked on the large flat rocks along the shore there one time.)

    Hey at our ex-JW meetup (Sat. 10/6) the place we go serves reuben sandwiches!!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies


    What Gopher said. When are you gonna join us at the meetup?

    (This of course applies to all you Minnesota lurkers out there.)

    No Apologies

  • JK666

    Gawd, the joys of a family vacation! I had one this spring, maybe I'll share it with y'all later. JK

  • RollerDave

    my fellow Minnepostates,

    I sure would like to join you guys, and plan to, but have been unable to for good reason.

    I've only lately had the scooter, AND the means to load/unload by my lonesome and the improved physical condition to do so.

    For the previous 9 years or so, I've only had real independence within scooter range of my home, or the ability to sit in my vehicle outside any store I want, but not go in.

    I went most places in my manual chair, which means needing a pusher, and there are only two people in the world I trust to push me.

    Kinda self limiting.

    But the pieces have been falling in place for me to be able to just decide to go somewhere because I want to and not ask any by-your-leave of anybody.

    When is the next one?


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