Are JW's the only ones that turn in a time slip to show how much they love

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  • MsMcDucket

    God? Just wondering?

  • JK666

    Time does not show love. It is the currency in the Borg to get ahead (more time=more dubious priveleges).


  • journey-on

    I remember when I fell short of my minimum requirement of 10 hrs. per month, I felt so unworthy. If I really

    loved Jehovah... I mean REALLY loved him, I should be turning in double that. My love must be weak. Never

    mind that I had two babies and one of those JW husbands. You know the kind: They may be weak as a poot

    themselves as far a putting in time, but by golly, they adhere to that submission doctrine!

    Yes, JWs are the only ones that think they can earn points with God by putting in a certain number of hours

    peddling Wacktowers and Asleeps for the WTB&TS.

  • primitivegenius

    nah worse than that................... i was brainwashed and hooked............. it didnt occur to me to LIE ON THE DAMN PAPER. lol would have made my life SOOOOOOOOOOO easier. be like Hell yeah ill regular pioneer........... F*** sign me up to special....... oh, you never see me out in service, THATS CRAZY i put in 120 hours.............. oh i um i um write letters in the morning and at night and um i um go to bus stops in the early hours and then um i sometimes meet people at break time ........ and um regroup..... oh oh oh and i went these days to another congregation to help them work their territory cause you know the need is greater over there... and um i have studies.............. that never progress or come to meetings............. but um..... their real.......... really they are................. what are their names? ............ are you seriously asking me that question.............. oh um joe and then of course theirs frank and bill................ that was um this week and the week before i had a study with plato and socertees............... they are twin brothers. i would take you on the study i have today but unfortunately he cancelled at the last minute.......... so um ............... do you need a new territory lol

  • cyd0099

    I love money (kinda) and I turn in my timecard so I will get paid...

    Does that count?

  • MsMcDucket

    I love money (kinda) and I turn in my timecard so I will get paid...

    Cyd, what did they give you more Watchtowers? Did God send the check?

  • RollerDave

    I only know of three places where the time spent is more important than what one accomplishes;

    Prison, Public School, and the Field Misery.

    I don't think any of those are 'love'.


  • MsMcDucket

    I don't understand why I didn't see how "crazy" that is! Turning a time slip in. . .hmmm. . .turning time slips in equals a job. And it was a job that I didn't like! I'm turning time slips in and paying the people to give me work that I don't like! Man! I wish that they would of fired me! Oh well! I did, eventually, quit.

    Those Watchtower people are slick. Faith by works (sell/place magazines and donate more for more magazines). It's called donation nowadays. Back when I was in it was "for a small fee". Can't the government get them for income tax evasion?

    I'm sleepy. I'm going to bed!

  • WTWizard

    This shows that the religion is bogus. If there was truly joy in doing field circus, people would be out there more. People would start at 9:00 AM, and noon would get here before they know it. Then they would go out for the afternoon, which would also fly by. Children would want to get out there, not because their parents drag them out but because of the fun. In fact, if it was as the Puketower claimed, children of parents that value recreation would be the ones that would be jealous of those who are theocraptic minded, not the other way around. And they would need no reminders about that subject.

    When a person engages in a favorite hobby, they do not turn in a time slip. For instance, golfers never turn in slips of how much time they practice--that is evident when they break par. I never turned in a time slip on how many hours I played Centipede or Scramble--nor did I find myself taking endless unnecessary breaks just to stretch the time. If service was actually enjoyable, it would be the same--people would want to improve because it is fun.

    But, hardly anyone actually wants to get up. I have seen it myself, when people show up at the group. They are often late, and they waste a lot of time grouping. Then they waste even more time getting out in the territory, do a few doors, and then straight for the coffee shop. This is all for the time. To me, representing such an activity as joyous or fulfilling is initiating the use of fraud in behalf of the organization. I would rather play my video games--or continue posting on apostate forums.

  • tula

    I always thought the whole idea of it was distasteful.

    Like trying to prove to God that HE OWED YOU something.

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