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  • lfcviking

    How many times have you heard incidents involving members particularly Ministerial Servants or Elders not behaving as they should and upsetting others?

    How many times have you heard of change of Watchtower doctrines, beliefs & practices, incorrect dates of the supposed happening of Armaggedon?

    How many times have you heard of cases of paedophillia being 'hushed' & brushed under the carpet in an attempt to keep the Watchtowers name squeaky clean and keeping the guilty party from recieving the rightful due punishment?

    Yet all these cases the Watchtower society will simply try to explain away in a very sweeping statement by saying "Were not a perfect organisation". It seems they has adopted this word 'Imperfection' and uses it as a licence for behaving as it does.

    To illustrate, do you think you could walk out onto the street with a baseball bat and the first person you see you whack him in the head with it and when the police turn up you simply say; "Well it's not my fault i'm imperfect!". No no way is that excusable!, so should we let this organisation get away with what it does?


  • changeling

    Try to use the "imperfect" card if you get hauled in front of a JC for "apostacy".


  • greendawn

    They are taking things to extremes imperfection can justify a certain amount of human misdeeds and ommisions but it can only go so far. In addition do the JWs also give the same amount of leeway to other human organisations? No they don't so they are hypocritical.

    They better try to improve their serious faults rather than justify them on the basis of imperfection.

  • jaguarbass

    so should we let this organisation get away with what it does?

    Many of us are not letting them get away with.

    Many of us have left and we come here and expose their evil ways and the message gets out for those who have ears and eyes to hear.

    This is the informtation age to the Wactower societys dismay

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    They can use the imperfection card at will, but others are not given that choice. They make their members accountable for anything they choose, but who holds them accoutable? I really do believe their day of accountability will come and has already begun in some areas. The courts will not accept the imperfection card. They better hurry and get Judah Ben through law school because they are going to need him.

    Jaguarbass, I have to ask. Is that a picture of you in your avatar?

  • LoverOfTruth

    I became FED UP with Hearing my ex-Husband making excuses for wrongdoing by elders saying "They are Imperfect Men"

  • WTWizard

    How would this grab them if I did it: Raping every sister regardless of age, shooting all the hounders and hounder-hounders in the head, setting the Kingdumb Hell on fire or blowing it up, and putting viruses and every type of spyware on headquarter computers? Heck, why not take a plane full of people heading for an international a$$embly or missionary work and fly it into that horrible structure at 90 Sands Street? Sounds horrible? Hey, it's all imperfection.

    I highly doubt that this would do well in a judicial committee if I did all the above and played the imperfection card during the hearing. And neither is having pedophiles being protected to protect the organization, using coercion to shut down Web sites that disclose older literature, defrauding people out of money and time to get them in, and coercing them with death threats that they are going to be destroyed (their children also) unless they get in, stay in, and stay ahead of the requirements. What goes around, comes around.

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