I am extremely odd

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  • joelbear69

    i am odd i am odd in that i continously look for new ideas and ways of looking at things i am fascinated by things that are different from me. what makes other people tick. i am goofy and have a constant stream of consciousness going through my mind that when expressed verbally or in writing appears to most to be the mumblings of a mad man. but if they listened long enough they would get the sense of it. i am unrestrained in my need for freedom which is the real factor that moved me away from the witnesses. i like being naked. i have strong opinions on the separation between humanity and nature. i have recently realized that much of my bad mental state has been caused by two sets of practices in my life. 1. i try to force other people to be odd like me 2. i do not seek out those who appreciate oddness. it seems like such a simple answer to my problems and i'm sure its not a cure all. i must discuss this further with my therapist who is taking very good care of me. hugs to all Joel

  • nvrgnbk

    You sound completely normal to me, joelbear.

    Practice safe nakedness, and all will be well.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome to JWD, Joel:

    You're OK! I've known some odd people, but they were interesting and made you look at things a different way. If you're closed-minded and arrogant, of course, that'll never work. Max Ehrmann said to listen to the dull and the ignorant as they, too, have their story. If you're open and humble, willing to listen, you can learn something from anybody.

    Thanx for sharing - stay tuned!


  • greendawn

    You sound like a normal person experiencing some stress and it's good to hear that you have a caring and efficient therapist that can help you get over it.

  • bluebell

    hey joel - who is normal anyhow? get to know anyone really well and you find out they are as weird or weirder than yourself!

  • minimus

    Good to see you posting again, Joelbear.

  • JK666

    The only "normal" I know of is a setting on my dryer. JK

  • journey-on

    Join a nudist colony.

  • mouthy

    Join a nudist colony. There is one in Flambourgh Ontario

  • blueviceroy

    dont feel like the Lone Ranger But I dont like being naked unless Im about to get busy lol

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